Guide to Buy Bassinet Mattress Covers For Your Baby

Many people argue that purchasing a bassinet for a new born is waste of money because the new born is quite likely to outgrow the bassinet mattress within 4 months. However, you cannot just deploy a crib for your baby when it is so small. Even though co-sleeping is an option, it is not recommended till the baby is old enough to express discomfort.

Therefore, you need a bassinet for your baby with high-quality bassinet pads and covers. They will help your child sleep comfortably even when you don’t have much space to install a crib right away.

Then again, if you find yourself wondering which bassinet covers are safe and comfortable for your baby? Well, with so many options out there, you need this bassinet mattress buying guide to make more informed decisions.

Step 1: Safety

When you are out bassinet shopping, make sure that the bassinet mattress, bassinet mattress pad, and the bassinet covers comply with the safety standards. Look for the JPMA or ASTM marks on the label. These are the international safety standards that all the manufacturers of bassinet mattresses have to follow.

They specify the guidelines for the durability and strength of the bassinet along with the thickness and density of the mattress for the child. According to them, the bassinet mattress should not be thinner than an inch and a half. Also, it should be firm.

When the mattress is firm and thick, your child is less likely to get entangled in it.

Speaking of bassinet covers, make sure that they are soft and large enough to be tucked into either sides of the mattress. This will not only keep your baby secure but also won’t strangle the baby as it moves.

Step 2: Material

We can understand that you want the best for your baby. However, if you are assuming that the best memory foam-based bassinet mattress will work for your baby, think again.

Memory foam is a material which is infamous for trapping heat and you do not want your baby to sleep hot. Therefore, stick to more breezy mattresses which are made up of natural fabrics like cotton. They are easy to clean and inexpensive.

However, if you do not want to let go off the body conformity and responsiveness of the memory foam bassinet mattresses for your baby, you can top them with cotton-based covers.

Cotton covers are soft and natural, allowing your baby’s skin to breath as it sleeps.

Step 3: Washing and Drying

When you have installed memory foam mattress on your baby’s bassinet, there is no way you can wash it when the child wets the bed. However, when you have water-resilient bassinet mattress with cotton covers, you can easily wash the covers.

Cotton bassinet covers will absorb all the moisture and can be hand-washed or machine-washed easily. They take little time to dry and, since they do not cost much, you can buy multiple cotton covers as replacements.

Finally, by going through this guide you know that it is the natural covers that will work best for your baby’s bassinet. So, the next time you go shopping for your baby, keep these points in mind.

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