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Guide to an NYC Tailor for Custom Suits - Likeitgirl

Guide to an NYC Tailor for Custom Suits

Many people look for their custom suits and contrary to popular belief, many of us forget that everybody is made different. That’s why sometimes custom tailors are very hard to come by. What can they offer? Can they deliver bespoke suits? What about custom tailored suits? All of these questions we’re going to give you a guide to finding the best tailored suits NYC.

How to Tell if a Tailor is Right for You

One thing to note if you’re wanting to find a custom-tailored suit is that obviously, you don’t want to go to one that just caters to female clothing. You want to avoid things like bridal shops and formal dress shops because they don’t have the necessary means or expert training you need. You don’t want to find one that does just men’s clothing either. If you’re looking for a real custom tailor, they’ll primarily be marketed in suits for both men and women about equally.

Take a Test Run with Them

When you call the custom tailor, you can literally ask them about prices, as well as ask about specific types of alterations, such as raising your cuffs, lessening sleeves, and even ask about how durable their stitching is. The more questions they can answer well with confidence, then you may be able to see that they know what they’re doing.

Also, you want to ask about their service warranties. Sometimes you may end up being the victim of a rogue sewing machine or embroidery machine, and therefore you want to know that they’ll cover the cost to replace your suit. Having that extra “insurance” will greatly make a tailor one of a kind.

Turnaround Times Vary

When it comes to the best tailors in NYC, you need to know that their adjustments should take approximately anywhere from a couple of days up to two weeks even if they’re just doing basic repairs (hemming garments, etc.), and if they’re extremely busy and have larger repairs to make (like making an entire bespoke suit for you), you might have to wait a couple months before it’s finished. This isn’t a bad thing though. You want to ensure your tailor is doing everything they can to offer more in terms of quality, not just quantity work.

The Price is Right Bob

Of course, price is something that everyone’s concerned about, but it shouldn’t be  your primary concern when it comes to getting the right suit tailored to your body. If you want poor quality, then go with a cheap company. Otherwise, if you want the best of the best, a qualified tailor with years of experience is going to charge more than the average, and they’ll do what they can to make sure they tailor (yes, the pun is intended) your suit and your service for you properly.


If you are in New York City, the best tailoring experience that you’ll find is the Tailory New York, that houses a fully designated staff of esteemed tailors. They handle both men and women as far as custom tailoring goes, and they have years of experience to meet your needs to make you look as sharp-dressed as possible.

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