Electric gates are an automated mechanism used to open or close gates in the entrance of the houses which the help of electricity. This mechanism is being used nowadays to operate the gate in the desired manner, which does not use any workforce.

Advantages of using Automatic sliding gates are as follows:

  • Automatic system
  • Uses no manpower
  • High security
  • Uses less amount of electricity

Types of Advanced gate system:

These were some of the advances that this system does have. Now there are different from the automatic sliding electric gates which are as follows:

  • Slide gate: This is a type of sliding gate which generally slides from left to right or vice versa for opening or closing the gate. These types of gates are more common as compared to other types of sliding gates. These are ideal for places where there is no space to open the door.
  • Cantilever gate: The similarity between slide gates is more, but the Cantilever gate does not use the rolling system, which is used in slide gates for the support system. It is also prevalent among significant houses and commercial places for opening or closing gates automatically.
  • Swing gate: This is another type of sliding gate that opens and closes in perpendicular position just like any normal gate. The electric machine now does this in various places thereafter reducing the man power.
  • Vertical gate: This gate opens or closes in an upright position automatically. This type of electric gates is widely used in high tech commercial places for the entrance of places that requires high security.
  • Bi-folding gate: This is a kind of gate that generally uses an electric mechanism to open or close the gate where both the part of the gates is in the opposite direction, which opens or closes at perpendicular position simultaneously.
  • Barrier arm gate: This is an automatic electric gates system that has been widely used at toll plazas where the rod is used as a barrier that opens of closes perpendicularly automatically.

These were some of the basic electric gates which are widely used in various places. According to the requirement and needs for a particular purpose. These types of gates are generally used for high security. These are generally installed in a place where high security is required, and this technology helps in making the purpose even better option for all the people.

The installation process: Installation of these electric gates requires a large amount of capital investment as well as various resources that are needed to make the security process better. With the help of this technology, the security for multiple purposes is improved a lot since its installation.

Anyone who is interested in installing sliding electric gates must look at the type of gate which is required according to the space, cost, and material of the gate. We must always check whether the gate is working properly and being used for its purpose which will help in making the process of the selection and installation of the gate in the most efficient manner.

Electric gates are the new form of technology, which is a significant helping in security purpose, which serves its purpose at many commercial places. Where high security is a primary concern and with the help of this system, any person who enters or leaves does have a proper record, which makes it is a better choice for the people to install it in their homes. Installation of a sliding gate is easy if appropriate measures are taken to install it.

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