Greek jewelry that embraces tradition and modernity

Greek jewelry dates to750 BCE although its use was rare in the early days because gold was not readily available. The style of jewelry people wore during those time clearly showed a strong stylistic influence of South West Asia. The Oriental style gradually made way for the Ionic style that became predominant from the 5th century BCE. A great era in jewelry began under the reign of Alexander the Great, and the craft of jewelry making flourished much more than even in the art centers. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, pins, finger rings, thigh bands, armbands, diadems, wreaths, and many other hair ornaments became very popular during the Hellenistic period.

Gold was the prime jewelry making metal, and the decoration consisted of filigree work and gold granulation, but gemstones use was far and few between. The tradition of Greek jewelry has fascinated people through the ages, and even today there is good demand for this type of jewelry that bears distinct marks of Greek styles and design.  Greek jewelry is so charming that it has been able to maintain its attraction throughout centuries which is evident from the kind of popularity that it still enjoys.

Jewelry making as a form of art

Jewelry holds a special place in Greek culture and is an integral part of their lifestyle and heritage. The tradition of using jewelry by both men and women has passed down the centuries and still holds good. Greeks are very fond of jewelry and keep experimenting with the ways of using it to complement a person’s character as well as moods and clothes.  For Greeks, the craft of jewelry making is a form of art that is very dynamic and always developing thereby providing endless options to exhibit artistic creations.

Styles and designs have evolved

Work of art draws inspiration from the lives of people, and its influence was evident in Greek jewelry designs that started relying heavily on human figures including those of deities and mythological figures. However, to stay tuned with times, the styles and designs have changed and become more contemporary but never losing the touch of the ancient styles that made Greek jewelry so special. The designs of Greek jewelry that you see today are not only special but also bear some distinctive traits that are unfailingly very much Greek but with a contemporary touch.

Be a part of Greek heritage

The appeal of Greek culture and heritage is genuinely timeless, or else why should it be so much attractive for fashionistas today? Women who treat fashion as a way of expressing their fine tastes are eager to reach out for Greek jewelry that is now in high demand. To buy jewelry from Greece just log on to any online jeweler shop that specializes in traditional handmade Greek jewelry to own some beautiful jewelry that links you to some rich heritage that has enriched civilizations for centuries.

Exciting jewelry designs that perfectly blend tradition with modernity, looks both classical and elegant are the hallmarks of Greek jewelry that have become the epitome of high-end fashion today.

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