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Great Fall Hats for Women - Likeitgirl

As autumn approaches, it’s time to consider some stylish hats to change up your wardrobe. While some may believe they need to compromise their look to stay comfortable on top, that isn’t the case with these colorful hat selections.


You can look your best while staying warm, wherever you are. From the beginning of the fall to the first snowfall of winter, here are some ideas for hats that are perfect for the new season.

New Beret

The leather beret is a surprisingly popular option that’s been made appealing by celebrities such as Rihanna. It first appeared at Dior’s 2017 fall runway, and it’s likely to continue making waves in fashion.


Other berets making their way into trendiness include lambskin berets and more. Stay French while looking your best when donning a beret.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat continues to be a stylish option for many, with a ‘70s version appearing on the Marc Jacobs runway. While they may make your head look like a lightbulb beneath a lampshade or an awkward pear, bucket hats are still as popular as ever.

The Cap

This hat has nicknames such as the baker’s hat, the Greek fisherman’s hat, and the cabbie, but it’s another popular option among women. There are many unique looks applied to this hat design, from designers such as Ruslan Baginsky.

The Elevated Headband

This isn’t exactly a typical hat, but it’s stylish and a great way to keep warm during those winter months. Why sacrifice appearance for comfort when you can combine both with these puffy things?

Trapper Hats

Another option that’s appealing for the fall is the tripper hat, as ear flaps are a good idea during the cooler months of the year. There are plenty of styles beyond that familiar plaid version Holden wore in Catcher in the Rye. Be creative and stand out with a comfortable trapper hat.

The Beanie

You can’t go wrong with a beanie in fall, which is still an extremely popular choice today. Beanies don’t have to cost as much as other hat styles, either, and you can still look great.

The Boater

Usually made of straw, boater hats are made of wool fabric more often than not to give them a stylish makeover. Available in many colorful options, the boater is the perfect selection for many women.



These are only a few of the many unique styles out there for you to try this fall and into the winter months. Regardless of the type of hat you want, you’ll be able to look your best while staying consistently trendy throughout the year.

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