Gorgeous Sleepwear for Perfect Weekends

We all have our own definition of a perfect weekend. Some like to go to the pub and party hard, some look for a weekend getaway and some prefer a sleepover or in-house party with their girlfriends. For all the given occasions, picking a right attire is important.

If you think that having an in-house slumber party can save you from the hassles of getting dressed-up then you must think twice about it. Snoozing in style is important, especially when you are with a bunch of friends. Be it a ladies night suit or a satin nightie, make sure you are getting something that amalgamates style and comfort both.

Here we line-up gorgeous sleepwear options that you can consider when you are on the weekend hangout.

A Striped Pyjama

A Striped Pyjama

There is something about striped Pyjamas that always attracts women. They have a morbid simplistic charm about them that is sure to make you look good, no matter what. This lovely night suit-set, made from a mix of linen and cotton from Andie’s collection is perfect for occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, or even for semi-formal slumber parties with friends. You can place an order for this nightwear for ladies online from After Dark.

A Night Gown

Nightgown takes your fashion game a notch higher without much effort and this exquisite piece from Tracey is a perfect pick for women who aren’t afraid to showcase their sexier side. The good thing about owning a nightgown with robe is that you can throw the robe over a dress, pyjama, and even shorts. This off-white cotton cambric piece with detailed embroidery on edges is a standout piece and make you look drool-worthy on occasions like a family night gathering or even a date.   

A Cute Nightie

There cannot be a more comfortable nightwear set than a nightie. If you think that those comfortable cotton nighties look more of a maternity dress then a glance over this powder blue nightie with delicate embroidery on front and sleeves can change your point of view. This feather-like drape will not only soothe your skin but also makes you look like a princess. Save this one as a sleepover dress to make an impression.

The Sexy Finny Dress

Believe it or not but we all women would blatantly admit that looking sexy in front of our better half is something we all desire. No matter, how long you have been dating, surprising your beloved one is something you should always look forward to. This cute finny dress is something very out-of-the box for nightwear. Paired with comfortable creped Pyjamas and an embroidered veil, this one will certainly look like a charm.  

The Cute PJ Shorts

The good thing about PJ shorts is that they are comfortable, easy to wear and look sexy at the same time. Whether it is your best friend’s bachelorette, a slumber party with friends, or a just another date night with your boyfriend; these cute PJ shorts accompanied with a slinky coffee coloured camisole is something you should look forward to adding to your wardrobe. Made from a soft satin fabric with gentle lace embroidery on the edges, this piece is sure to add grace to your feminine charm.    

A Candy Coloured Night Suit Set

This lovely night suit is a perfect pick for girls who like to add colours to every aspect of their life. With delicate floral embroidery on a sea-green colored PJs edges, this Pyjama set will make you look like a dream. The entire set is made from high-quality pastel satins which makes it a pure royal indulgence.

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