Go Outlandish and Interestingly Stylish with The Traditional Saree

Forget the old style of making New Year resolutions! Instead, if you are a woman, you could make a resolution to change your saree draping style in 2019! After all, draping them the same way, day after day, week after week and year after year, can become rather tedious and boring! Therefore, determine to have some fun this year, and if possible, use your traditional attire to make a dramatic fashion statement!

Emulate Mumtaz

It is amazing how the ruling diva of those days managed to look so sexy on screen, even in simple chiffons! The highlights of these sarees were their borders, which tended to be rather flashy or ostentatious! Notice how the saree drapes itself lovingly around the oh-so-feminine silhouette, cleverly showing off the assets rather than concealing them.

Be a Butterfly

You must have witnessed several Bollywood stars creating a thin column out of the top part of the pallu via a pleat. The lower part of the pallu takes the shape of a butterfly with fan-like wings. Alternatively, you may just have the single column going across the entire upper torso.

Wear it like a Dhoti

If you are game for anything, you may make a dhoti out of your saree. Obviously, you will be able to move around much more comfortably. In case, you would like to do something even more extraordinary, add a winter jacket or a winter blazer to the ensemble!

Cover the Neck

This refers to experimenting with the pallu of the saree. For instance, why should you always have the pallu covering your upper body in the same way always? Instead, place it around your neck in the form of a stylish scarf!

Stylish Pants

Yes, it is possible to convert your saree into a pair of pants, without any cuts or snips provided by a pair of scissors! However, the fusion style can make you look rather androgynous, albeit in a rather chic way.

Have it Pre-stitched

They call it the cocktail style, wherein your bedazzling blouse is also on full display! Therefore, ensure that your top is dotted with charming embellishments, is cropped and blingy, or created from net and studded with sequins. As for the saree, georgette or chiffon fabrics with heavy borders are preferable.

Looks like a Lehenga

A saree is a good substitute when you do not own a lehenga-choli. You just have to drape it in such a manner that it appears like one. True, you may have to take some help and spend some extra time on dressing, but it will be well worth your time and effort.

Belt it Up

Well, some women do wear a jewellery band around their waists. All that you have to do is to substitute this item with a fashionable belt. You may cinch it at the waist, thereby awarding your attire a flavour of the classic and the modern.

Imitate the Gujarati Woman

In this state, women bring the saree pallu from back to front. It tucks into the waist in the front. Imagine what an advantage this style offers you, should you opt to wear a pure silk saree richly dotted with decoration!

Imitate the Bengali Woman

There is no reverse drape in a traditional Bengali saree. However, fashion-conscious women have gone in for it, since it provides a unique look to their garments. It is a marvellous way of showing off jazzy borders or backless blouses.

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