2016 Fashion Week

Fashion is now back in capital again. I have gone through with amazon Indian fashion week autumn and winter season. That was the kickstart of new trend in the city. Today, apart from the new collections there’s a venue to look forwardly to fashions sessions. The 27th edition of fashion is ruled by fashion designers. You will see a total of 101 designer showcasing through a runway and the repeated area at jawaharlal Nehru stadium. And interestingly you can buy all dresses from rediff fashion.

Here’s a glimpse of all the inspiration and creativity in stores by prominent designers.

Collection by Hemant-Nandita – The fashion week opens with designer hemant and nandita collection. And, I was expecting to see favorites floral motifs and signature monochromes take over the runways. The day, gone with designer duo Hemant and Nandita , those who are doing daring slits not even for autumn for winters also with their 70s touch intact. The week was ended with Gaurav Gupta’s collection, melt, which i was discussing the need for ethical and sustainable fashion.


As the fashion week was kicks off with many designers in the city, a bit of Bollywood opens the day, with label Anaika by Kanika Saluja getting actor of Shreya saran onto the ramp. They bring a bit of oriental influence into their creations. The collection not only takes you back to the middle ages where travelers not only attract toward silk but its art and cultural designs. This is how the designers described their collection. You can also get the best collection of designer silk by online shopping portals as they are tied up with many designers

Collection by Nitya and Vasundhra –

Collection by Nitya and Vasundhra

To be apart of the fashion for men accessories too, take long centerstage for change, with the first showcases of the weekdays dedicated to a jewelled designs. Designer Vasudhara took the center of stage by showcasing the menswear, and along with her, the eight designers showcased in a custom pallette of black, ivory and beige. You can also buy the same from reddif fashion.

Collection by Ragini Ahuja –

Collection by Ragini Ahuja

The ultimate week of the events, with in the interesting mix of inspirations. the designer has showcased her collection influenced by folk textiles and techniques introduces the beautiful rustic fabrics of linen and kala cotton. The Namrata Joshipura, who’s loves to add a sporty luxe feel to her creations, will close the day with her collection at concrete garden. They had showcased the signature sillhoutes that include jumpsuits, dresses, short dresses and leather jackets.

Collection by Gauri and Nainika –

Collection by Gauri and Nainika

The designer Gauri and Nainika start the week days with the only off site fashion show in this season with showcase at brunch. A quick glimpse of print motif was in her collection. The showcase will have each of the designers presenting roughly five designs that will include not only a minimal palette, but will focus on indigenous textiles, handcraftsmanship. Above is just a glimpse of designer collection what they has showcased on fashion week. You can either shop online fashion by using rediff shopping coupons to minimize your budget.

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