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Gift of Art and Love for people in UAE - Likeitgirl

Gift of Art and Love for people in UAE


Love, Life, and Gifts

Gifting can be fun if you put a bit of your creative brain in that process. First of all, let us think of the occasions when we need to think of gifting.

  1. Birthday
  2. Anniversary
  3. Congratulations
  4. UAE National Day
  5. Christmas
  6. New Year
  7. Valentine’s Day

These are just a few occasions celebrated worldwide. You have the urge to gift your near and dear ones on these occasions, but you are away from them – but still you can gift them with the help of online shopping or going to a flower shop. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any of the festivals mentioned above, flowers, cakes, and chocolates would fit in really very well.

A flower with their bright and soft petals boosts your spirit and fills the air with nice fragrance. They are the most positive things on the earth, looking at which everything seems just right. You can gift different colors of roses as flowers in Dubai per the sense of the festival and most importantly keeping in mind the person who would be at the receiving end. For example, red roses would be perfect for Valentine’s Day while a mixture of red and white roses would go well for Christmas celebration. And on UAE National Day, you can select yellow roses.

Cakes would be the best kind of gift especially on birthdays and anniversaries. Flavors like butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, mango, blueberry, etc. are nowadays easily available as cakes in Dubai. So you can gift the person as per his/her taste. In fact surprise cake delivery would be even better. Why not use services like midnight delivery of Dubai gifts and amaze your friend on his/her birthday.

Some other items like chocolates, teddy bears can be gifted to kids or your younger brother and sister. While for a thoughtful person, you can go for personalized items like a coffee mug with a creative image of that person. Key chains also sounds good in case you want to congratulate on occasions of buying a new car or renting a new home.

To paraphrase, gifting is a nice art to be enjoyed and therefore, explore various gifting ideas in your daily lives to make it an interesting one.

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