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Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Loves To Play Golf - Likeitgirl

Gift Ideas for a Dad Who Loves To Play Golf

Whether your dad fancies himself as the next Rory McIlroy or he’s new to the course, there are so many golfing gift ideas that reflect his love of the sport. And even if it appears as though your dad has every piece of golfing equipment under the sun, you’ll likely be very surprised at the unusual memorabilia and gift ideas that are on the market. Below, we’ve put together five of these to give you a helping hand – let us know which you end up buying.

Golf ball marker divot tool

A golf ball marker divot tool is the ideal complement to any golf bag, allowing you to repair pitch marks. Buy one of these – and opt for a personalized variant where possible – and your dad will think of you every time he’s on the course. Most come with a magnetic ball marker, making it easier to make a marking, and they feature an ergonomic design and an integrated bottle opener, ideal for your dad to celebrate with his friends after wrapping up on a session.

Private golf session

Ideal for amateur golfers, one-on-one sessions can be booked across the country, helping your dad improve his swing and drive the ball further. Offered by trained professionals, these sessions are a fun way to get the whole family involved. You can go along and watch him be taught, or even get involved yourself – why not start a new hobby so you can spend some more time together? You might be surprised at just how enjoyable golfing can be. Promise!

A gift card

If you’re like us, the chances are that you know nothing about golf other than it involves a few white balls being tapped along the grass. Yep, we’re beyond novice! One of the best ways to show your dad that you care, without having to become a golf pro overnight, is to buy him a gift card to his favourite golf supplies store. Whether it’s from an online retailer Auchterlonies, a golf shop Scotland has depended on for many years, there are so many options for you to consider. Just make sure your chosen store has a wide variety of products.

Desktop golf set

Golf always on your dad’s mind? Buy him a desktop golf set so he can get his green fix when he’s at work or in the home office. You don’t need to be a professional golfer to enjoy a game of desktop golf – in fact, it’s the ideal icebreaker at work, and his co-workers will no doubt want to join in the fun and organise the odd competition to see who comes out on top!

Microfibre towels

Personalised microfibre towels are another great option to consider if you’re looking for a fun and practical gift for your dad. You might be surprised at just how many times golfers need to clean their wedge and balls during a game, and microfibre towels offer the convenience your dad will need when he’s in the middle of a session. Choose a golfing-specific microfibre cloth that comes with a carabiner clip, so dad can attach the towels to his bag for easy transport.

Do you have any other gift ideas? Let us know and check soon for some more.

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