Get Your Gemstone Recommendation Based on Kundli

Kundali or birth chart provides you with planetary information based on your birth month, year, time, place, and other parameters. Astrologers suggest that if you use gemstone based on your Kundli recommendation, you will reap much more benefits than any other analysis or guidance.

Gemstones are known to radiate cosmic energy when you use one that is in sync with your specified planet according to your Kundli, it will have a positive impact. It must also be noted that certain gemstones have adverse effects when worn together; this is why a gemstone recommendation based on your Kundli is necessary before you start using one, to get the maximum benefits.

What’s my gemstone?

What kind of gemstone will work best for you depends on the planet from which you ascend according to your Kundli; this is known as the ruling planet. But just because you are an ascendant of the ruling planet doesn’t mean you have to wear the same gemstone as another individual with the same ruling planet. There may be certain contradictions in your birth chart, depending on which an astrologer makes an informed decision as to what gemstone will work for you. Get a gemstone recommendation online before making a purchase.

Planet Specific Gemstones

Mars- Mars is the ruling planet for Aries, which suggests that Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, and Red Coral are beneficial gemstones.

Mars- Mars is the ruling planet for Scorpio too. Its ascendants can wear pearls, yellow sapphire, or red coral.

Venus- Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus, suggesting that ascendants can use Emerald, Blue Sapphire, or Diamond.

Venus- It is also the ruling planet for Libra ascendants suggesting the use of blue sapphire, diamond, and emerald.

Mercury- Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo and ascendants can wear Blue Sapphire, diamond, or emerald.

Mercury- It is the ruling planet for Gemini too besides Virgo and suggests the use of emerald, diamond, and blue sapphire.

Jupiter- It is the ruling planet for Pisces suggesting ascendants can use pearl, red coral, and yellow sapphire.

Jupiter- In case of Sagittarius too; Jupiter is the ruling planet the same as in the case of Pisces. The suggested gemstones are red coral, yellow sapphire, and ruby.

Saturn- It is a ruling planet for Aquarius and astrologers suggest using blue sapphire, diamond, and emerald.

Saturn- It is once again the ruling planet for Capricorn and suggests the use of the same gemstones like blue sapphire, diamond, and emerald.

Moon- It is considered to be the ruling planet for Cancer and suggests the use of natural pearls, red coral, and yellow sapphire.

Sun- It is the ruling planet for Leo, which suggests the use of Ruby and Red coral besides Yellow Sapphire.

This is a simple chart showing how two different ascendants can have the same ruling planet yet have various stone suggestions. This is why you must at least get a free online gemstone recommendation before using a gemstone.

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