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Get to Know the 1940s Engagement Ring Trends - Likeitgirl

Get to Know the 1940s Engagement Ring Trends

There is a surge in popularity of vintage jewelry as they have the allure. If you are thinking of choosing an engagement ring from the 1940s, which was an era when the Second World War was at its zenith and ultimately ended spreading peace. Due to war, raw materials to design jewelry were scarce. Platinum was not available as it was employed in war, so gold was used to make jewelry. Even diamonds were hard to find and the ones that were used in mid 40s were recycled from old jewelry.


Everyone felt that due to war there was limited extravagance in the jewelry and fashion industry. Actually, it was not. On the other hand, the engagement rings designed were bold, beautiful and dramatic.


1940s engagement ring trends


Unusual and fascinating designs


It was a trend of stunning, big, and bold pearl engagement rings designed in unique styles. For example, a single big pearl in the middle surrounded with several rubies set in gold leaves. Rings at that time were elaborate featuring swirly designs and feminine motifs including flowers, ribbons, bows, leaves, and curvy lines.


Synthetic gemstones

Instead of purchasing expensive gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, diamonds or rubies this was an affordable alternative. First ruby got synthesized in the year 1902 but by 40s they were a hit in the jewelry market.


More metal and less gemstones

In vogue, gold engagement rings with no or modest size gemstones got featured. This was also an affordable alternative during that era. Jewelry designers created attractive engravings or etchings on the metal making it a focal point and not the gemstone.


Diamonds became popular

Diamonds started to be viewed as a rock for engagement rings. You could get old mine and rose cut besides the round cut. Engagement rings in floral motif were popular in this year.


If you are attracted towards historical antique 1940s then you will adore wearing an engagement ring from that period. The only vital thing to consider is your style. Look for a ring that resonates with you as you will be wearing it for years in future.


1940s engagement ring can be bought online. You will come across several vintage inspired rings reflecting diverse style of that era.

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