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If one is reluctant of dressing too much, then there is a way by which all the hassle can be avoided. The answer to this is skirts. Skirts are perfect for dressing up or down any outfit. But the primary issue is which style suits the best according to the shape? As a matter of fact, there are so many different types of skirts available in the market that anyone would be easily confused. It will be really difficult to shortlist the skirt that suits the person the most. This is most prevalent when the buyer is going to buy a plain skirt which will be used for work purposes. In the end, the buyer might be choosing any skirt from a bunch of polyestersmade skirts. At places like Hauz Khas in Delhi, you can find several types of skirts.

But there is nothing to worry about. Everything that is needed is a little time in front of the mirror and some amount of logic. There are a few steps that need to be followed in order to select the most appropriate skirt available in the market.

Types of skirt

First the buyer needs to identify the different types of skirts available in the market. There are many options out of which people can choose skirts. For those who are anovice in the field should know that these are the most popular skirts available in the market- pleated skirts, mini and micro miniskirts, bubble skirts, pencil skirts, flip skirts, sarong, A-line skirt, handkerchief skirts, fishtail skirt and peasant skirt.

Most suitable type of fabric

Next ladies should decide which skirt to choose according to stature. If the girl is short in stature, then the most appropriate skirt will be tapered straight skirts and A-line skirts. But it is better to avoid stiff A-line because it might appear to make the girl squat. The most appropriate length would be upto the knee. With the use of comparatively shorter length skirts, the girl may appear a little taller than normal. If the girl has a thick waist, then she should use a skirt that draws theattention of people away from her waist. She can use long or short skirts and avoid skirts with embellishments. If the girl possesses a curvy figure then tapering skirts with zipping at the front, side or back are the most suitable ones. An off center slit will help to draw the attention to the legs. Stiff fabrics or skirts with pockets must be avoided by girls with acurvy figure. Girls with large stomach should go for the slightly tapered pencil skirts. Any clinging outfit must be avoided by girls with alarge belly. If the girl has the shape of a boy, then she can use any type or pattern of theskirt. The Even pleated skirt would be suitable; provided the legs are not too skinny. If the girl has a bottom heavy figure, then she can use a moderate A-line skirt or a moderately tapering skirt. Skirts with pockets should be avoided. If the girl has a light bottom figure, then she can use Lycra fabric tight skirt. Girls with along waist and short legs should opt for straight skirts as those might help them to appear taller. On the other hand, girls with short waist should go for skirts that are straight with dropped waist. Loose and draped skirts should be worn by girls with large thighs.

At Hauz Khas, Delhi, girls can visit or shop and choose the best skirt as per your body shape.

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