Get the Holidays Right: Perfecting Your Seasonal Retail Display

The retail market is crowded, and during the holidays, every small business pulls out the stops to get customers to spend their hard-earned cash. While more people are shopping during the holidays, other competing businesses will be stepping up their game to try and get more than their slice of the pie.

For most small businesses, a retail display is everything during the holiday shopping season. Use these tips to get yours in top shape so you can attract as many customers as possible. You might even find that better window displays help boost sales all year long.

Make it Seasonal

It might sound obvious that seasonal sales require your brand to get into the holiday spirit, but for many small retailers, this lesson seems unlearned. To really be part of the sales bonanza that happens every year in November and December, aim to make your window displays and décor seasonal.

Window displays don’t have to be denominational though. Things as simple as fake snow and silver tinsel – even if it’s 65-degrees outside – can put shoppers in the right mindset when they come into your store.

Focus on Refinement

Many holiday shoppers are, in one sense or another, inspirational. While many know that their friends and family could use a toaster more than a cashmere scarf, shopping for those items is just no fun. They don’t make great gifts, either.

With that in mind, using things like quality hangers from wooden hanger manufacturers can help make your items worthy of a luxury price tag. During the holiday season when most shoppers have their wallets open already, small touches like top-tier hangers from wooden hanger manufacturers matter.

During a busy retail season it’s often the small details that matter most. Companies like Butler Hangers can help.

Avoid Cluttered Window Displays

Hangers from wooden hanger manufacturers go a long way toward putting your best foot forward, but clearing clutter can take your displays even further. Instead of showcasing five great items in your window, aim to make one or two big hits and really draw customers in.

Once they’re in your store they’ll have time to check out your whole selection of goods. Better yet, you’ll be able to show them items they’ll want and need. Window displays are all about attracting attention and getting people in the door in the first place.

The holidays are a time when many business make a significant portion of their income. If you’re lucky, what you make during the holidays will carry you through the slow season when sales are slumping.

Use these three simple tips to get as much business as you can and keep customers from going to the competition instead.

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