Get Salon Like Finish At Home With Tjori

Tired of taking out a complete day and call your parlour aunty just to find out that she is all booked and your waxing schedule will be delayed again?

With e-commerce bringing about a big change in the world of online shopping and fashion industry just a click away. Personal grooming has always been something that is mandatory and should be maintained by all.

Instead of going to your parlour aunty you can now get waxing hassles solved easy by saving your time as well as your money. Buy a waxing kit online that suits your skin type and save the hassle.

Waxing Kit

Waxing kit basically comprises of all the necessary tools that are required in the waxing.

Waxing kit includes 5 tools which are-

  • Wax Heater

Wax Heater : Premium

Wax Heater is like the most important tool if you prefer hot waxing. Basically wax heater is a container in which you pour the wax and melt it so that the frozen liquid becomes like a paste which is easy to apply. A good waxing kit will have a wax heater that has a regulator from which you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

  • Wax

Hair Removing Wax: Aloe Vera

The next tool that comes in a wax kit is the wax itself. You have to pour the wax in the wax heater and heat it till the wax becomes thick and easy to apply. If it is your first time using a waxing kit then use it under supervision because sometimes the wax might get too hot and end up burning your skin.

If your skin is sensitive then you can go with the white wax or commonly known as rica wax

If your skin reacts and hurts a lot while waxing then you can go with the dark chocolate wax, which also de-tans your skin,

  • Wax Applicator

Wax Applicator

Wax applicator is the next tool that comes in a waxing kit. Go for a metal applicator of stainless steel which has a wooden handle so that your hand does not burn while holding it. Never leave the wax applicator inside the wax heater while heating because the metal of the applicator will burn your skin and you don’t want that to happen.

  • Wax Strip

Wax Stripes - Pack Of 75pieces

Well finally the last tool that comes in a waxing is the waxing strips. Go for the non-woven waxing strips that not only remove hair in a painless way while leaving behind soft and smooth skin.


Ditch the razor blades and bring home your personal grooming kit to give you salon like comfort and finish just at home.

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