There are many cities that can provide you with the best treatments. Hair fall treatments can be done in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, etc. The trichologists in the clinics first take a neat analysis of your problem related to your hair and then explain to one about the treatments that can be done for the problems. 

One can opt for the treatment that seems suitable to them and get their treatment done by the doctors. Hair fall treatments in Pune and many other cities have given the best ever results. One can opt for clinical treatments if they want promised results. 

The four main stages of hair growth

Stage 1 


This is the period when our hair is continuously growing. During this period the growth of the hair never stops. It is the active phase of our hair growth. Our hair is said to grow a minimum of 1cm per month. This phase can stay active from two to seven years. It is the longest phase of the whole process. 

The cells present in the hair start to divide rapidly thus, creating new hair. This phase makes the hair follicles push out the hairs from the inside until they reach the end of their span. As it lasts from 2 to 7 years, our hair might grow from 18 – 30 inches in the whole process. 

In the terms of feet, it’ll grow 3 feet long. About 80 – 90 percent of your hair grows during this phase. It’s said to be the most important one. Hair must be properly nurtured and taken care of during this period of time. 

Stage 2


This stage is also called the transition stage. Because at this time our hair stops growing. This only lasts up to two or three weeks. This occurs at the end of the Anagen stage. It shows up at the end of the continuous growth of our hair. During this stage, the hair follicles are allowed to rest for a time period of 3 months. 

The hair is also released and the club hair tends to fall out. The hair is cut off from the source of blood it requires and the cells that help in the process of producing new hair. It is a two-week process. At this time, the hair gets converted into club hair. The transition phase is a short phase compared to the other four stages. 



This takes place after the Catagen phase. Here the old hair enters the stage of rest. So it is also called the ‘Resting’ phase. As the existing hair goes into the resting phase, new hairs tend to grow from under the scalp. Hair follicles rest during this period. 

When our body undergoes too much stress that cannot be handled, then 70 percent of our hair can enter this phase prematurely and then starts to fall off. 50-100 club hairs are known to shed every day from a scalp normally. Telogen effluvium is what this phase is called. Because of stress, a noticeable amount of hair can be lost in this period. 



The actual shedding of the hair phase is this. This is an extension of the telogen phase. During this phase also, an amount of 50 to 100 hairs are shed from the scalp every single day and the good thing is it’s not bad and it’s normal. Hair can fall off while you’re washing or combing or brushing through. 

The club hair is shed from its epithelial silo inside the hair follicle. This is the fourth as well as the final phase in the growth of hair. The hair that is present on our scalp eventually starts to detach and fall out from the hold. Every one of us got to be very cautious during this period. This cycle is continuous. 

The normal progression in the growth of hair might differ from one person to another. Early prevention of hair loss is critical in the situations of premature hair loss. Hair fall can be prevented or even stopped with the help of two methods. 

1) Clinical treatment methods

2) Natural Methods


There are many methods that are used by the clinics to treat hair problems. The three most commonly opted ones are,

  • Minoxidil
  • Finasteride
  • Other medications


There are ‘n’ number of Natural Methods that can be used to stop hair fall.

A few among them are,

  1. Wash your hair regularly and keep them dust-free
  2. Intake of vitamin-rich and mineral-rich food is very important for its growth
  3. Massage the scalp with the essential oils 
  4. Garlic juice, onion juice, green juices help a lot
  5. Drink green tea
  6. Enrich your diet with protein-rich foods 
  7. Use natural food and create a pack for your hair
  8. Take in vitamin C and vitamin B3 rich foods every day.


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