Get Rejuvenated in the Beautiful Andaman During Your Holiday

Home to office and office to home is our circle of life for most of the days. While it is a major part of our life, working is not everything. One needs a few days of relaxation to charge up and feel refreshed to again be back to daily routine. The ever needed holiday which everyone should take and should be away from the buzz and grind of machinery and into the calm and serene lap of nature. Replacing the sight of skyscrapers with the view is tall palm trees, the smog filled air with clear blue sky and what can be better than Andaman. Situated in the south of India is an archipelago consisting of 572 islands is a paradise in the Bay of Bengal.

Andaman is one of the dreamy and exotic tourist destinations of India. One need not have to leave the country to have the taste of being in a far away foreign land. Earlier the land for keeping prisoners, the famous Kalapani, now the world famous tourist spot, Andaman is one of its kind. For spending an ultimate leisure vacation in the relaxing tropical landscape, laying in the golden beaches and viewing the sparkling pristine water, then pack your bags and book your flight soon. A perfect destination for honeymoon to be surrounded by the heavenly beauty in the secluded beaches. Also an ideal destination for the beach lovers, solo traveller, adventure lovers, and family trip, the idyllic Andaman is the must visit place to rejuvenate and feel refreshed.

Essential information one must know while planning trip to Andaman

To reach Andaman there are only two ways, through sea and by flight. By flight is the fastest option to reach Andaman. There are many airlines that run direct flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Delhi, Vizag and Hyderabad to Port Blair. There are connecting flights to these destinations from the rest of the state. It takes only a few hours to reach through flight. The other option is by ship and passenger ship to Port Blair runs from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. Also, there is another option of visiting Andaman through cruising. The peak season to get to the tropical idyllic beauty is from October to May when one can take the best advantage of the pleasant tropical weather. The other months are not recommended due to heavy rainfall and high tide. Choose to travel your way and have some unforgettable time of your life.

Mount Harriet and Madhuban

A paradise for the adventure soul, Mount Harriet, the highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the best places for trekking. The lush green tropical dense forest is the home for exotic flora and fauna. Andaman in whole has a plethora of exotic and rare plants, animals and birds. That is why, Andaman will provide an experience like no other. The trek in Mount Harriet is a 16 km trek which will be very refreshing listening to the birds chirping and getting the sight of the beautiful water lilies, orchids, Andaman Wood Pigeon, Narkondam and the other rare species at the peak of the Mount Harriet. The peak offers an absolutely breathtaking view of the Havelock island, Ross island and Port Blair. The surreal greenery, Mount Harriet, should absolutely be in your checklist of the places to visit in Andaman.

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Chidiya Tapu

A paradise where all you will see is exquisite birds and migratory birds everywhere. Thus, Chidiya Tapu is widely famous for having an extensive range of birds. It is a very famous tourist destination in Andaman. If you are a bird watcher, this place is a treat to the eye. Chidiya Tapu is covered with dense forest to provide home to a large number of tropical flora and fauna. Chidiya Tapu Biological Park is filled with exquisite animals, birds and exotic plant species. It also offers one of the best places in Andaman Island for sunset. It is situated 22.5 km away from Port Blair, an offbeat destination but totally worth visiting.

Radhanagar Beach

Havelock island isn’t just so popular. There has to be something for which it is so sought after and one of the major contributing reasons is having Asia’s most beautiful beach, Radhanagar Beach. Words would fall less to describe its beauty especially during sunset. It is an ideal destination for couples to visit during their honeymoon for the mesmerizing view of the sunset it provides and strolling on the golden beach, watching the sparkling water and the sunset hues of the horizon is a sight to behold. There is no other best place to have a leisure time than Radhanagar beach amidst the dense green forest and crystal blue water.

Northern Bay Beach

Situated at a distance of 42.4 km from Port Blair is the Northern Bay Beach is a spectacular beauty having a lot to offer. Northern Bay Beach offers all the adventure and fun of the world. After all the relaxation and leisure time, indulge into the fun and thrilling water sporting in the Northern Bay Beach. Spend the whole day on the beach playing in the water with scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking and boat riding. The Northern Bay Beach has one of the best views of the colorful coral reefs and exquisite marine fishes. Enjoy the most thrilling experience of diving deep into the sea and explore the marine world. Northern Bay Beach also offers the unique and exciting experience of sea walking. For the one who is not into scuba diving this is probably the best alternative and easy option to just land at the bottom of the sea wearing a helmet without continuous swimming. You can actually walk underwater in the same way as if walking on land. Get up close to marine life, watch a large group of colorful fishes’ swim in front of you, from above your head, witness the beautiful and colorful coral reefs and have the unforgettable time of your life.

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