Get Monogrammed Blazer Buttons for a Premium Look

Buttons may seem small and trivial but for some people, these tiny accessories can easily make or break and outfit.

Monogrammed blazer buttons in particular don’t seem to get the kind of attention that other blazer parts often receive. While it is easy to complement the length or the lapels of a blazer, how many times did you actually took interest on its buttons.

There is More to Buttons Than What Meets the Eye

People often assume that buttons are just that – small fasteners or even insignificant accents on a garment that are all the same. In a way, this is true. When you are shopping for buttons, you probably don’t pay much attention to the material and the finish of the button. Chances are the color is your only concern when buying buttons.

What most people fail to realize is the fact that even if the color of the buttons do play an important role, there are many other factors to consider as well. When it comes to blazers, buttons are the primary native decorations and that means that this is not something that you can take away from a blazer all too easily.

Your chosen buttons can make a big difference to the style and formality of a blazer, specifically these days when not a lot of people wear ties or use handkerchiefs anymore.

The good news is that monogrammed blazer buttons are now available to help you create a more premium look to your outfit. They even make the best options as gifts for the people close to you.

Before shopping for monogrammed blazer buttons, however, make sure you keep the following considerations in mind.

Keep Your Shoes in Mind

What is the color of the shoes that you plan to wear with your blazer? While there are other important accessories, your shoes are crucial. You need to think if you will wear black or brown shoes or the combination of both.

In general, buttons might look much better when they have a color that is closest to the color of your shoes. It means that black or navy buttons look best if you pair them with black or very dark brown shoes.

Buttons with dark brown color can go well with black and brown shoes. If your shoes are brown, your best options are brown buttons as well.

Black is a nicer choice compared to navy similar to black shoes. Meanwhile, mid-brown look more interesting than grey.

To Contrast or Not to Contrast?

Do you want monogrammed blazer buttons that are in contrast with the specific material of your blazer? More casual looking buttons generally stand out and look better. Darker smart suits often have buttons with the same tone or color. Navy suits can feature very dark brown, navy, or black buttons.

Whether you are searching for the best gift options or you want to look more premium every time you put on your blazer, monogrammed blazer buttons are your top choice.

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