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Get Indulge into Extreme Sporting in Thailand

Are you someone who loves adrenaline rush and loves to feel the thrill and action into your life? Then Thailand is the place you should definitely checkout and book tickets for your next travel destination as apart from all the beaches, music, food and fun, it also is a place tourists loving for being able to get into really adventurous sports which will give you the ultimate satisfaction that you are craving of not being in action for a while.

Thailand provides an escapade in every turn you take and the charm of the place is that you will find something for everyone, be it kids, couples, family or adventure lovers. So, the action lovers will get tons of extreme activities to do which will push them to the edges, make their heart pump in speed and scream in thrill and excitement. And be sure what you are getting yourself into because Thailand won’t go easy on you.

Six adventurous activities to do in Thailand that will make your heart thump fast


Also known as kiteboarding is an extremely fun and famous water activity in Thailand. Adventure freaks from all over the world come to have the thrill of surfing with the help of a kite. Here a kite specially designed will pull you towards the direction of the wind and you will speed surf on the surfboard in the ocean. In Thailand, you will get to do Kitesurfing in Phuket, Pattaya, Karabi, Koh Samui, Koh Pha Ngan, Hua Hin and many more beaches and islands of Thailand. You can indulge into it without worrying about safely as there are expert instructors who will help you with performing the activity. Also, you will be given training for a few days before actually taking part in it. The crystal blue water, white sandy beach, the tropical landscape and amidst it feeling the thrill of water and wind together is something truly mind blowing.


Skydiving is one of the most extreme activities and one of the most thrilling one as it requires enough courage and a steady heart to take a jump from such a height in the sky. For all of you who have Skydiving in your bucket list, it is time to fulfil it in Thailand, as it is safe to take the leap here in Thailand and have the unbelievable experience of free falling from about 13000 feet of height above the ground, as the companies offer single tandem jumps. You don’t have to be an expert and go through any training to skydive. Rather you will be attached to a highly experienced instructor. All the activities he will perform from making you jump from the high altitude to managing the parachute to safely landing you. You will just have to hold your heart and feel the high adrenaline rush while attempting the most daring sport. You will get many companies in Bangkok and Pattaya who are the best in this.

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Get up-close to sharks and dive with them

The big giant fish, sharks, we all have seen on TV but what if you find yourself right next to it? The fright, the rapid beating of the heart as well as the amazing view of the big fish is worth remembering till lifetime and tell your adventurous story to your grandkids. You can dive in an aquarium to get close to sharks or you can go to the ocean and scuba dive to be around marine life. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World offers to swim with leopard sharks, reef sharks and tiger sharks. Similan and Surin islands are perfect to catch whale sharks and to swim with them. The crystal-clear water, colourful coral reefs, sharks and other fishes and you in the middle of it, a truly unforgettable experience.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping as fun as it sounds is also one of the most terrifying activities. The thrill of jumping off a cliff to free falling in the air passing the wind and flying like a bird has been in the checklist of many adventure loving tourists visiting Thailand. Pattaya is the most famous place in Thailand to try out bungee jumping. Apart from that you can also get to experience bungee jumping in Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. The companies hire professionals so that you are at safe hands and can completely rely on them to enjoy to the fullest and feel the hair rising thrill within you.

Flyboard in Pattaya

Another very interesting extreme sport is flyboarding. If you are a fan of iron man then you should definitely try this in Thailand to take the flight like “Iron Man.” In flyboarding the board is connected by a long hose to a watercraft. The pressure of water under your feet pushes you upwards and fly or stunt like dolphins. You can go up to a height of 15 meters above water. The thrill and excitement are of next level to go up in the air and fall back down like a dolphin. There are experts who will look for your safety so if you aren’t a swimmer, don’t be disheartened, you can still try flyboarding. When you are in Pattaya make sure you try this out and make some amazing and unforgettable memories.

Get the creepiest experience in Siriraj Medical College, Bangkok

Well, this is not something extreme sporting but definitely adventurous. If you are someone who is into horror and weird stuff then this is a must visit place for you. It is said to be the creepiest museum in the whole of Thailand. This is an educational site for medical students and is a top tourist attraction too for the people who want to see and feel unusual things and are looking forward to a ghostly presence. The museum has dead bodies of killers and rapists, those who have been a victim of unusual death, have murder weapons. It also has preserved foetus, conjoined twins, a child with mermaid syndrome, skulls and other body parts. Here you can race your mind like a detective after getting fascinated by the murder mysteries and might feel like solving one.

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