Get Closer: Interesting Things to Do for Your Anniversary

Birthday and anniversary are two of the most important dates in someone’s life, with the focus on the latter of course. While birthday is something you will celebrate with dear people, the anniversary is more significant because you will spend it with your special person. That’s why you’ll double your efforts to create a magical ambiance which will be an event to remember for the rest of your lives. But if you can’t decide this time what to plan, borrow one of these ideas which are proven to bring you fun, joy and happiness on your anniversary.

1.    Do something new

As a couple, you probably talked about doing a lot of new things together like laser tagging or bungee jumping. Even those less adrenalin-boosting activities like dancing lessons and camping can be a perfect moment to enjoy some memorable time together for your anniversary. When it comes to the things you’ve never done but always wanted to try, there is no better opportunity to share them with your significant other than for the date you honor your love.

And if you just need something new in the sense of setting, be a tourist in your own town. Rent a room in a luxury hotel for the day or a weekend, visit galleries, museums and theatres. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to create new and exciting memories.

2.    Stay at home

Many couples decide to spend the anniversary at home and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. You can spend that time cuddling in bed ordering takeout, or watching TV and talking without Internet and phones. Or you can add some panache with decorations, lights and atmosphere specially designed to give you a magical space for two. After all, if you are busy or otherwise prevented to go out, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate the anniversary. Even the simplest of things can mean the world to someone if it comes from the heart.

3.    Organize a romantic dinner

A romantic dinner is the most usual way couples celebrate their time together and it is considered by many as the last resort when all other ideas fail you. But just with little creativity you can turn the odds around and turn something ordinary into an unbelievable event. People enjoy celebrating love and you will most likely find a helpful hand in restaurant staff, family members and venue owners when organizing the romantic dinner. Picnic on the rooftop overlooking the city, meals specially delivered from the famous restaurant across the country, evening on the boat or your private chef for the night are just some a little bit extravagant ideas you can try.

4.    Recreate an experience

Not all anniversaries have to be that carefully planned and organized, but maybe only the one or two marking a certain amount of years or surviving through a rough patch. Being together long can have ups and downs which is normal, and coming out of those troublesome moments deserves a unique experience to celebrate your anniversary. This is a perfect occasion to recreate the events that will only be meaningful for you as a couple. It can be returning to the place you met or where you first kissed, renewing your vows or finally having the wedding that you always wanted are just some of the ideas to make your celebration more interesting.

5.    Go on a trip

Going away for your anniversary doesn’t have to be ordinary in just a few steps and a little ahead planning. Luxury small group and cultural tours can be perfect for those looking for lavishness and elegance on their special night, like an opera performance or a theatre show premier in a different city. A lot of resorts around the world, like The St. Regis Vommuli in Maldives or Grand Resort Lagonissi in Greece, for example, can also fulfill all your dreams of expensive, luxurious and pampering moments together. For those on a budget, renting a lake cabin or traveling on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express train might be just as perfect.


It’s all about the two of you, so don’t mind how others celebrate their anniversary or your bank account balance. At the end of the day and for the years to come you will remember how great it felt being together for your special moment and the happiness it brought you. And if you can create that, then you just made your lives a little bit more interesting than they were.

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