Gamer-friendly ASUS ZenBook S13 is Now Available

ASUS Zenbook S13 is a modern upgrade to its S14 version and packs more than usual muscle in its very small and light chassis. The first glance at ASUS S13 exhibits a premium vibe with an attractive aesthetic, glossy touch to its outer display panel and a rock-solid build quality. This Zenbook is significantly smaller than Ideapads and Ultrabooks and can possibly stun you with the amount of power it packs.

Although, ASUS has launched this laptop in a premium price of £1,319.99, this powerhouse does not fail to drop down in any expectations. If a Whiskey Lake core i7 processor is not sufficient, the dedicated graphics, a solid combo of RAM and SSD and an IPS display should keep you contented. Though, this laptop is well-equipped with a perfect balance of features, there might be some compromises in its battery life. You will also not get to see any thunderbolt support in its port section, despite of having generous connectivity options.

After we got our hands on this premium device by ASUS, we couldn’t be any less excited to test it out for our audience. So, if you need to check up on how well the specs of ASUS Zenbook S13 perform, you can hop on our detailed review below.


  • Processor: Quad Core | (8th Gen) Intel Core i7-8565U |8 GHz – 4.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed
  • RAM: 16GB, Storage: 512GB SSD
  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Display: 9-inch screen with Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution
  • GPU: NVIDIA Dedicated Graphics GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5


Does it have the slimmest bezels?

Well, well, well! You read that right. ASUS has designed the Zenbook S13 with slimmer than ever bezels that compliments the Nanoedge display. The minimal bezels that surround the 13.9-inch screen with thinner edges provides a wider view, even when you see it from a distance. The screen-to-body ratio to be observed is around 97% which is one of the best ratios a viewer can have. With its sleek and modish design, this could be one of the best Ultrabooks one could own.

The Aesthetical Build

If you are wondering how similar is ASUS Zenbook S14 with the S13, this one has only the concrete circle design that matches with its previous version. But the lines texture you will observe is a bit more modern and rounded in ASUS Zenbook S13. More than anything, the best craftsmanship in the design of UX392 appears to be the unibody alumnium lid instead of a metal outer casing. You would not see any plastic body or indirect plastic or metal reinforcement, which makes its build effectively sturdy and durable. The outer shine on the back of display panel strikes instantly through the ASUS logo and overall cover. You will also notice that there is little to no flex in between the lid cover and keyboard deck.

Ergonomic Design

For some people, the edges of the ASUS Zenbook S13 might be too harsh, but the ergonomically design gives a nice support. This allows the palm to get enough arm resting as you can tilt the screen just with one hand. The rubber feet at the bottom of the base also provides a fair grip to the overall build. You can use the keyboard in the most comfortable typing position whether you’re laying down or intending to bend over the screen.

A jam-packed performance

The Zenbook S13 is not any less in performance which is clearly understandable with its excellent combination of 16GB RAM and SSD storage. Mainly, the 8th Gen processor of core i7 is already a star performer for intensive tasks or programs. It copes highly efficiently with the RAM to make the hard drive speed faster than ever. The maximum speed of 4.6 GHz is self-explanatory in this case and you also get on-the-point benchmark scores when you test it on practical basis.

When we played heavy applications like PUBG and a programming software, there was no lag that occurred. You can surf all day long and multitask through several apps or programs without hesitating even for a bit. You also get a solid-state drive storage here which is ideal for hefty file management and system speed. You can store as many apps or files as you need and can also expand the storage with its micro SD card slot.

NVIDIA is all you need

For intense gamers or multimedia users, there’s good news here. ASUS Zenbook S13 has armed the NVIDIA GPU system that is included with dedicated graphics. You get MX150 graphics with 2GB memory that can handle high-level gaming for gaming pros. The discrete graphics solutions provided in this laptop makes it easy for filmmakers, producers, media expert to edit their videos conveniently. If you are a photoshop expert, the S13 should come in the best use for you.

Enough Battery or not?

In the battery capacity, the ASUS Zenbook S13 has an average longevity when it’s tested in real. If you are just surfing on the net and not playing long-hour videos, the battery can last till 8 hour or more. In case of continuous video playback, we could extract only 4 hours or a bit more of battery life. So, you don’t certainly get an extravagant battery life here, but it works well if you are not obsessed about long battery lives.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the S13 crams every solid feature a powerful beast should encompass. More than the design and display impresses with their high-quality build, the mini size stuns with packing more power than expected. Other than thunderbolt C, you get almost every other port that can give you maximum connectivity options for all types of cables. Overall, in the real-testing scenario we did not face any error or lag while the major operations. You can check full specs and extra offer of free MS office setup with this laptop directly by clicking this link. The best deal here is for students who can get exclusive discount of 5-10% and 0% finance for first four months.


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