Furniture Trends Taking Over the World by Storm

Furniture trends are, as always, driven by various forces, including the rising buying power of women, concerns for the environment, introduction of smart features and, of course, fashion trends. This year, we have a number of exciting trends, and they include many bold furniture pieces, some of which carry a slight dose of nostalgic inspiration. All in all, a lot of eye candy for all the people planning to give their home a makeover this year. Here are some of the trends that we love the most, and you will too.

Going green

The world seems to be finally coming around when it comes to wasting the planet’s resources. What used to be an “underground” trend is now becoming a part of mainstream thanks to environment-related topics being more and more present in the media and public discussions. This has led to a fantastic interior décor trend – green furniture. Thus, eco-friendly manufacturer furniture (e.g. reclaimed wood products) will be complementing a lot of houses this year and many years to come.

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Vintage furniture has always been admired and loved by many people, but these days, the shift toward the oldie-but-goody is also motivated by the “going green” trend. The economy also has a lot to do with it, seeing as how it is far cheaper to find used vintage furniture at flea markets than to buy completely new one from major manufacturers.

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Multiple functions

The way we live today is forcing us to adapt our furniture to our needs. Millennials, as the leading force of the market, often live in smaller apartments and therefore expect their furniture to be of the right size to fit into their homes, but also to have all the functions they need. That’s why are seeing a lot of furniture pieces with hidden storage, but also pieces that can be dissembled and transformed into units with an entirely different purpose.

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Back to leather

Leather furniture has been extremely popular a couple of decades ago, and while it has lately been used mostly in man caves, we can safely say that it enjoys a newfound popularity. All of this is happening thanks to modern leather furniture’s versatility when it comes to color and shape.


Some smaller furniture manufacturers have begun customizing their designs many years ago, but this is a trend that is enjoying its glory days right now. Manufacturers like Custom Designs Furniture are basing their entire furniture production on the possibility of customization, and other manufacturers are also introducing the feature into their offer. The customization varies from simple things, such as color and size, to the more complicated ones, such as changing the style completely.

Mid-century modern throwback

Vintage furniture is not the only blast from the past on this list. One of the furniture trends is taking us back to the 1950s and equips our apartment with pieces even Don Draper would love to have in his Upper East Side apartment. The furniture from this era is characterized by clean lines, shiny surfaces, and gentle organic curves. It also features minimal ornamentation and often uses many contrasting materials.

Serving the tech

There is also a furniture trend that originates from our modern needs and is making room for all the tech we keep in our homes these days. This means not only focusing on the entertaining centers but also on accent tables, bedroom sets, etc. All of them should have space to accommodate your gadgetries.

Worldwide inspiration

Instead of taking you back to the past, this one takes you on a trip around the world. With different parts of the world being more and more connected thanks to the almighty web, the borders seem to be disappearing. Asian furniture in an American home is nothing to steer away from, and if you have an itch for the Mediterranean or Nordic style, by all means, go for it.

All of these trends are wonderful because they simultaneously meet our needs when it comes to function, live up to the modern day expectations, and satisfy our need for pleasant aesthetics in our homes.

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