Fun Ways To Give New Life To Old Kitchen Items

If you love recycling and prefer to give new life to old items, rather than throwing them away, then you should keep on reading, Here you will find some creative and fun ideas of how to repurpose some old kitchen items.


Colanders can be found in different designs, shapes, and sizes, some of them being stainless steel and others in various vibrant colors. They can be easily spray painted in any color you like. They can be used as a storage for versatile items or as part of the table centerpiece. You can also use an old colander to make a slush-free ice bucket. Just set the colander over a large bowl and fill it with ice. The holes will allow the melted ice to drip away, without having and ice water mess. Colanders can be also repurposed into versatile lighting fixtures, planters, wind chimes etc.


Spoons can be also used as part of versatile DIY projects. You can create various spoon art decorations for your home. Just be creative and let your imagination go wild. Also, you can use spoons and forks to create some unique wind chime for your balcony or porch.


Tea Cups

Old cups can be also repurposed in so many different ways. They can be easily painted if you need too and are one of the most favorite items among DIY lovers. For instance, you can repurpose them to create some unique wall decoration, light fixture or some cool centerpiece. Also, you can use teacups for storing some tiny items, like buttons and other sewing tools, or maybe some jewelry.


If you want to create some unique eye-catching wall decor, then maybe you can use some old plates. Arrange them on the wall in the way you like, just make sure to fix them right, so that they won’t fall off. Or if you have some broken plates, you can use them to create some mosaic decorations for your garden. This could be some stepping stone, a pathway or maybe some unique planter.

decorative plates

Cheese Grater

Another kitchen item you can repurpose once it gets older is the cheese grater. Use it as it is to create some vintage decoration or some light fixture. Or you can easily spray paint it in some bold color. Use it as a holder for your earrings and thus never lose them again.

Muffin Tin

A muffin tin can be also repurposed. It can be the perfect drawer organizer, where you can sort different items in the individual compartments. This is great for bathrooms, kitchens, dresser drawers and even for your office desk to keep tiny items from getting lost.

Old kitchen items can be repurposed in so many different ways and the above ideas are just some of the many possibilities. So, hopefully, you will find them as an inspiration for your next DIY project.

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