Fun Facts about delicious fruits

Fun Facts about delicious fruits

Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to decide what to gift our loved ones for any informal occasion. It is an unending debate as to whether chocolates or personalized items make a better gift. Well, in order to end this never-ending dilemma, we suggest that you opt for fruit baskets.

People need to stay fit and what better way to say that I care for your health than a basket of fruits? A box of chocolates is certainly not the answer. Suppose you gift a friend a box of chocolates and you find out that she is on a strict diet! What to do then? Thus to avoid all these unwanted complications it is best to go for a fruit basket, since they are the more healthier option and they make really pretty gifts!

Fruits can be fun, provided you know little interesting facts about them. Almost every fruit that we know has an exciting story to tell and an even more interesting scientific data supplementing it. Here is a list of fun facts about fruits we love to eat that will help you break a few myths and choose the healthier option for you-

Did you know that humans are not the only ones who love mangoes? Orangutans simply love to gorge on mangoes as well!

People say that bananas are full of calories, well they are, but they act as antacids as well. So if you feel that you have eaten too much or are suffering from a heart burn, then you can simply have a banana. This will make you feel much better in no time. Also bananas are supposedly very simple to digest and thus make for perfect food for babies. So make sure you include bananas in your fruit basket delivery.

Thinking of making a profitable fruit orchard? Well, then apples are the best option for you, since one single apple tree can make around four hundred apples in a year!

Do you think your pineapple is not ripe enough? Here’s a tip- turn your pineapple upside down, that is, the leaves should be in the bottom. Keep it like this and this will fasten the ripening process of the fruit.

If you want to talk about variety, apples are the fruit that you want to refer to. There are close to different 7000 types of them that are grown in different parts of the world.

Here’s a little quiz– Do you know which fruit is the best when it comes to cleaning products, especially stubborn stains? Yes, lemons! The acid content of lemons is very high and thus they can terminate bacteria very easily.

We have all heard of Adam’s apple and we all know the biblical account of the forbidden fruit, right? Well, it is believed, that Adam while trying to eat this fruit could not swallow it properly as it got stuck in his throat. It is from here that the phrase Adam’s apple first originated.

Research have shown that higher is the amount of our fruit and vegetable intake, lesser are your risks of suffering from blood pressure, cholesterol, miscarriages, etc.

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