Fun and Interesting Facts About Astrology and Horoscope

No matter if you are a strong believer of what’s written in the stars for you or you just like to check your horoscope from time to time out of curiosity, chances are that you don’t actually know all that much about it.

There are so many fun things related to this ancient science that we could spend days just scratching the surface of it. So, if you want to learn more about what’s hiding behind your horoscope, how do people map out charts and why is Mercury going into its retrograde phase, continue reading.

How are charts made?

In order to make an accurate astrological chart, you need to have your precise time and date of birth. Nowadays, there are a lot of online astrology chart maps you can try out but scheduling a personal consultation with a certified astrologist is likely a better option if you want to make sure everything is done professionally. This way, not only will you be getting your chart made, but you’ll also be able to ask more in-depth questions regarding anything that’s not quite clear to you.


Everybody has more than one sign

Contrary to popular belief, we all have more than one horoscope sign. So, when you say that you’re, for example, a Leo because you were born on July 30th, what you’re actually saying is that your sun sign is Leo. However, aside from your sun sign, you also have a sign for every planet (Pluto included) and 12 different house cusps. Among all of these, the three most “important” signs according to which your personal traits can be interpreted are the sun sign, the first cusp sign and the moon sign. You can discover these signs by getting your chart made.

Your personality is identified by your first cusp sign

This sign will affect the type of first impressions you make on other people as well as the way you communicate with the world around you. It will also play a huge role in meeting new people so you should learn more about which signs best match your first cusp sign when trying to find love.

Your sun sign inspires your goals

This sign is the one that drives your ego and your spirit. Essentially, it represents the way in which you are approaching your goals. Consulting a horoscope for this particular sign every time you want or need to make an important decision might be a good idea. For example, if you’re a gambling soul and you want to make a particularly hefty bet, consulting a gambling horoscope for 2019 for your sun sign might be a smart idea.

Your moon sign is responsible for your emotions

Now, your moon sign is the one that affects how often your moods swing and the way your instincts work. So, for instance, if you like to be helpful and spend time surrounded with people but at the same time you enjoy being left alone and have very strong feelings about your personal space and freedom, your moon sign is most likely Aquarius.


We’ve been lied to regarding Mercury’s retrograde

What’s actually happening to this planet is not retrograde at all. Instead, Mercury simply reaches a point in its path where it slows down significantly, which makes it appear as if it started going backwards. To understand this better, imagine yourself riding a bike really fast and observing pedestrians. Since they are much slower than you are, they appear to be walking backwards, where they are actually moving in the same direction as you are.

Sign compatibility isn’t as important as you may think

Asking someone about their Zodiac sign won’t provide you with any useful information. The only thing it can actually do is make you form – potentially negative and usually completely wrong – opinion about them. As we already established, there are numerous signs affecting our personality traits so trying to form an opinion about someone based on their single sign is completely ridiculous.

While most people consider horoscope just innocent fun, you really can learn a lot from it. Besides, if there wasn’t any truth in it, it wouldn’t still be as popular as it is.

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