Fun and Healthy Outdoor Activities for Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose some weight, and it hasn’t been really working out for you, maybe you approached it the wrong way. If you have concentrated on losing your weight only, it can make you feel frustrated and unhappy with the results.

Instead, it would be much more effective if you concentrated on having fun and spending some quality time with your family outside. There are tons of activities you could do together, and all of them make your body produce positive hormones and make you happy, and also make you lose weight.

So, why not get out of your home with your family or on your own and seize the day? Have fun and lose weight without even thinking about it.

1. Dance like no one’s watching you

Why not dance outside? It’s not like dancing should be done only in clubs and at weddings. Download your favorite music on your smartphone (but something cheerful and fast) and take it to the nearest park, forest or the beach. If you have kids, they will love dancing with you until they are out of breath. Dancing is one of the best ways to lose calories while having great fun – there are no rules, and it’s pure joy when you listen to something that keeps you moving.

badminton outdoor activities

2. Badminton – easy and fun

Badminton is great fun for the whole family! Spend a sunny day somewhere in the park and improve your speed and reflexes through this cool game. It’s also a great way to get you in shape. You can also join a local club and go there every time your family members can’t go outside with you – it will be a nice change to play it competitively sometimes!

3. Kayaking for the adventurers

Kayaking is one of rare sports that really connect you to nature. It is an immensely fun activity where you surround yourself with water, sun, natural beauties surrounding both shores and the opportunity to learn a skill. You won’t even notice you’re tired because you will be having so much fun. It’s a chance to have great time with people close to you and when you want some time to relax, you can just take a break and enjoy the view.


4. Cycle your way through nature

Cycling is a great sport for people of almost all ages – it’s a low impact exercise that’s also easy on your joints and muscles, while the benefits are many. You can go riding a bike on your own or make it a day trip with your family and explore new parts of your town. If possible, you can also cycle to work every day. Not only does it improve your physical fitness but it also helps your mental health – it’s known to be a very relaxing activity where you constantly change your surroundings and enjoy the view around you.

5. Hiking – a form of meditation

Another great option is to start hiking. It’s a good workout that you can do alone or with friends and family. It is also very beneficial for your mental health – it reduces stress levels and blocks negative thinking. What’s also great is that you can find a lot of offers of hiking holidays in a group tour – there’s your chance to enjoy a healthy activity with your loved ones and be amazed by nature around you. Hiking is an activity that can be done every weekend, which should be enough for a healthy lifestyle.

hiking holidays

6. Take a swim and forget about all worries

Swimming is excellent for people of all ages, as it’s easy on the joints and muscles and there is a low chance of an injury. If there is a river, lake or the sea close to you, why wait any longer? A day spent swimming sounds like great fun for all, and it really is. This is an activity that could also help you with certain ailments like arthritis. Your core will be much stronger without you even realizing it.

7. Run towards a healthier life

This is one of the most usual activities people do, but it’s for a good reason. You can have a running partner or run on your own, while immensely helping your cardiovascular system and burning calories. You can make it as intense as you want to. It can be a low-intensity exercise to relax in the late afternoon or a high-intensity one, where you can raise the bar every week. It’s an activity where you can completely switch off your mind and that’s why many people love it.

All in all

Whichever activity you choose, don’t you ever miss the opportunity to do it with somebody you love and do it outside. The combination of a fun activity, people close to you and nature is the winning one for losing weight without even trying.

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