Fun Adventures to Get the Whole Family Involved

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All of us deserve a vacation after 2020, so why not plan to do some camping over the summer of 2021? You can get away from digital connections, enjoy the water, and get some sun. You can also take the whole family out for some exploration and relaxation.

Consider Renting an RV

Not everyone enjoys the idea of sleeping in a tent, and depending on your location, it may not be safe. However, renting an RV so you can do some glamping California style will make it easy to see the region, sleep on a real bed, and still get an outdoor experience.

If your travel time is limited, visit one of the many campsites in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. This region offers plenty of shade, and you can even spend a night in a treehouse! There’s plenty of tent camping in the region, so those who want to rough it can enjoy fresh air, privacy, and disconnection.

Play Cowboy

There are also horseback riding opportunities in the region. Plan a trip with your family to the Rancho Del Oso Horse Camp. While there aren’t campsites on the ranch proper, you can find a parking spot and take your family out for a day on the trails.

They’ll learn not only how to properly sit a horse, but how to handle reins and what to watch out for to protect themselves and the horse from hazards on the trail. Horseback rides are a great way for kids to build strength and confidence.

Track Local Wildlife

Consider treating your kids to binoculars and an Audubon coloring book. The bird-watching along all of the coastal states is wonderful in the summertime, and many other animals will be visible with a good set of binoculars.

Consider also adding a disposable camera along with the binoculars. Encourage your children to take loads of photos and keep a journal of each day’s experiences. Vacations should be a time to explore what fascinates them the most. If you have to force a bit of the journaling to start, put a reminder in your calendar to have your child revisit this experience in six months as they look back through their photos and notes.

Watch the Stars

If you all need to just stop pretty much everything and take a breath, journey back in time before electric light and take your children to Sage Hen in Lassen County. The nights will be cool and the views will be spectacular. Pitch your tent or level your RV, open some snacks, and set out the lawn chairs and blankets, because the stars will be amazing.

If you can’t find a spot near Sage Hen, pick a location in the Modoc National Forest. During the day, take out the binoculars and head up to the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, then stop by the Lava Beds National Monument. The Hackamore region of the Modoc National Forest will take some planning to get to; the region is quite isolated and nearly all campgrounds are pack-in, pack-out, and primitive. When the moon comes up, you won’t care at all.

Hit the Water

Take the kids and the fur-babies for a fun trip up to Dillon Beach. This region offers multiple campgrounds, both tent, and RV, and the beaches are dog-friendly. There are picnic tables galore, a nice place to sit and watch the waves, and many fire pits. Tog up well; the ocean breeze will cool you when the sun is out, but the nights can get quite cool on this beach.

If you’re hoping to see some wildlife, why not go big before you go home? The camping at Half Moon Bay State Beach will give you access to wonderful swimming and walking, and you may well see a whale from shore. You’ll find bicycle rental shops, kayaks, and paddle boards. Swim, explore, and enjoy this beautiful beach.

The year 2020 will soon pass, and while we still have our challenges, there are wonderful opportunities ahead of every citizen. Plan some time in the great outdoors with your family for the summer of 2021. Study the wildlife, do some horseback riding, and plan on some swimming to beat the heat. From tent or RV, your adventure awaits!

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