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One of the best self-care tasks that you can do is to go to a spa and spend a day in total relaxing bliss. When you take the time to pamper yourself and unwind, you can get rid of your stress and can relax your mind to have a more positive outlook. You do not have to spend the hundreds of dollars that a day at the spa requires, however, and can have a spa day right at home with your family or friends. Consider the five fun activities below for your next spa day that you have at your home.

Do Facials

When you go to the spa, one of the first things that you want to do is get a facial to help rejuvenate your skin and reduce the signs of aging. At your at-home spa day, you can still give one another facials, however, no matter how old each participant is or who each participant is. Get a face mask for each child and even for you to put on and lounge around in while it is doing its magic. Get a microcurrent facial tool as well to stimulate anti-aging properties over the trouble areas that do exist on your face such s wrinkles and fine lines.

Put On a Hair Mask

Masks are not just for the face at the spa, as you can rejuvenate the health of your hair with a hair mask. Everyone can take part in this activity as well, and you can make this hair mask right at home. All you have to do is apply egg whites combined with either aloe vera or olive oil to give the shine back to your hair that you want. Your loved ones may even enjoy a bit of laughter together as well as you are learning how to apply the mixture.

Cold Eye Compresses

You have probably seen the stereotypical images of people at the spa who have cucumbers over their eyes. You can do that right at home too though, and have a cold eye compress to reduce bags under your eyes and to rejuvenate yourself. It also helps to reduce puffiness around your eyes that may come as a result of allergy season and makes you appear to be much more awake and alert. If you do not have a cucumber, you can steep two tea bags and refrigerate them in order to get the same results.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are likely reserved as a fun activity for the girls in your family, especially if you are using nail polish. The guys may want to get involved though if you encourage them about how good a foot scrub feels and how nice it is to moisturize your nails. Allow each individual to pick out their own nail polish when the time comes, and take turns painting one another’s nails. Make sure to splash your cuticles with petroleum jelly as well to help heal any cracks or cuts that exist.


The final activity for your next at-home spa day is to engage in a steaming procedure by warming up your face. Your entire family can get involved, but do be careful with how the steam gets around the younger members of your family. You will simply boil a pot of water, reduce the heat, add in essential oils, and place your face over the pot. This will help to increase blood flow and loosen up any bacteria and dirt that may turn into pores and acne in the future that is on your face.

An at-home spa day should be an enjoyable experience for all, and you should try to get the entire family involved. You all deserve a bit of relaxation with the stress that has come with the past year, especially since summer is about to begin and school is ending. Perform facials, wear hair masks, put the cucumbers on the eyes, paint your nails, and steam your face to get the experience you would get at a world-class spa. Plus, your entire family or group will have loads of fun doing these activities together, which will also help to alleviate your stress.

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