Fruit hamper: the perfect gift for her

Women are dynamic creatures. They are able to balance their home, carrier, relationships and still look superb while they do it. They take care of their health as well as the health of those around her. Fruit gift hampers for women are the perfect way to acknowledge and show appreciation for her efforts and at the same time helping her with her goals of younger looking skin and healthier body. Getting a gift of fresh and juicy looking fruits put together in fancy and cute packaging will give a feeling of being special and loved. Receiving a fancy fruit hamper at their workplace will make others envious of her as she will be perceived as being special to someone else.

 The fruits can be coated, given different shapes and arranged in an eye catching way in fancy baskets or packaging, making them a trendy as well as a useful gift. Women value thoughtfulness and show of affection over other things. Hence, a thoughtful fruit hamper considering the fruits which are best for her health and well being will give her nice feeling and will be cherished by her.  Few fruits which are considered best for a young as well as aged women are Cherries, Tomatoes, Papaya, Guava, Apples and Avocado. Some fruits have romantic associations as well in many cultures. Like 

  • Western world has deep associations of Apple with love and temptation. Apple with it’s red colour, wonderful properties and shape resembles a heart. 
  • Papaya is considered an aid in romance due to it’s medicinal properties as an aphrodisiac for her and it’s seeds believing to be contraceptive in nature. Also, it has anti-aging Vit A;which undoubtedly is one of the goals of every women to havea younger looking skin.
  • Mango, the king of all fruits is considered to be a fertility charm in Indian culture.
  • Banana is a well known fruits for it’s romantic indulgences due to it’s shape, excellent taste and it’s adaptability with many ice-creams, sweet dishes and other delectable and is often considered a proper Valentine day’s dish. It also has a folk tail associated with it in Philippine. It is believed that a beautiful girl met a strange man in the forest and they both fell in love. He turned out to be a spirit and had to leave her forever but due to their deep bond he left some of his parts behind. Some stories say he left behind his hands and some say he left behind his heart, which was buried by the girl and from the that grew the first banana tree as a token of their eternal love.

Women are essential for a house to become a home, for a life to be fully balanced and for happiness in all aspects of life. Your wife, mother or girlfriend needs to feel special and need a token of appreciation and love from time to time. The perfect way of doing that is to purchase a fruit gift hamper for her. They will not only appreciate it but also remember it for a long time.

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