Are you feeling tired, exhausted and moody? Do you have headaches? Is your skin pale and your hair dry? These and many more are signs that your body may need a detox.

Think about your current lifestyle. Think about the food you consume, the pollution you are exposed to, the hectic lifestyle you have, the medicines and antibiotics you take and all the times you are sick. This cannot be healthy and in the long run, will take a toll on your body. As these toxins accumulate over time, they create an acidic environment in your body, which is the perfect environment for all types of diseases and health issues to develop.

That is why we at Fit ‘n’ Tasty produce and deliver fresh, organic & cold pressed juices all over Switzerland right to your door. Think of a  juice detox as a way of pressing the “Restart” button on your system. It gives your digestion a break and allows for the elimination of accumulated toxins. The energy that is normally needed for digestion is now freed up to heal your metabolism, clear up your skin, give you energy and make you more concentrated. Say goodbye to excess weight and sugar cravings, and hello to skyrocketing energy, radiant skin and overall wellbeing. Detoxing also has a positive effect on your mind and soul. It gives you a chance to get back to your roots, relax and focus on the important things in life.

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