Four Unique 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Entering a new decade is definitely one of the most thrilling experiences in a person’s life.

For a woman, it is whole new dimension of ending a series of flop relationships, binge drinking or even being forced to figure it out all together.

Welcome to you 30s ladies! If you have a friend who is entering this exciting period in her life, consider these four 30th birthday gift ideas for women.

1. Personalized birthday gift box – If you are short on time to provide a suitable gift for your friend, you can definitely come up with a personalized gift box or “goodies bag”. It will do all your hard work of assembling a set of personalized stuff that your friend may require and this is meant to be sent straight to her on the day of her birthday. Personal items such as bath accessories such as candle, bath bombs, other things like a travel tumbler, travel mirror, a bath towel etc. can be included in that gift hamper.

2. Curated scent candles – You might think of candles as 30 th birthday gift idea for women might be too easy that didn’t require much “heat”. Apart from the pun, however, this candle is one of a kind that features a scent which is unique and specially curated to match the spirit of the recipient. It is usually based on the day they were born. Such candles usually have the label splattered with a host of detailed numerology, astrology, tarot descriptions, etc., all based on the person’s birthdate.

3. Constellation star map based on the birth map – This one is a customizable birthdate map that is so unique of which you will quite proud of to gift it to your friend as one of the most unique 30th birthday gift ideas for women. You can submit it on their specific birthdate and location. This will enable you to generate a one of a kind star pattern which is as unique as the gift itself. Your friend is definitely going to love this beautifully framed gift that represents the day they were born.

4. Hair care tools – Hair care tools such blow dryers are definitely a good idea when it comes to 30th birthday gifts for women. It will help them to keep their locks voluminous and bouncy. They are definitely some of the best gifts, not just for a 30 th birthday. You will want to purchase one even for yourself.

These are just four popular options for 30th birthday gift ideas for women. You can even consider greeting card gifts or plants to be gifted to them. The hedgehog aloe is one good option. Cradled nicely on a pretty pot, it can bring sophistication to any corner. 30th birthdays are special, especially for women. Make it even more special with unique gift ideas.

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