Formula Feeding, Basics, Tips-All That A Mom Needs To Know

Formula feeding is a great option for many mothers. It can be tough at times in some situations to opt for breastfeeding. Hence, formula feeding can be a great alternative to feed you and your little one. The choice of formula feeding or breastfeeding is totally up to the mother. There are many reasons why a mother won’t choose breastfeeding. Needless to say, mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for the baby, but feeding formulas is just fine when it is done rightly.

Bulk baby formula is available on so that mothers can buy baby formula at the competitive price. They have the best baby formula. It checks all parameters which include hygiene, safety and the utter goodness of all nutrients. Not to forget that it is organic and extremely safe for babies.

Types of formula

Formulas are generally available in 3 forms. A mother has the liberty to choose whatever works the best for her and her baby.

The next are concentrated. These are available in concentrated forms. Equal parts of water and concentrates are mixed to feed the baby. They are generally a bit pricier than the powdered formulas.

Ready to use formulas. As the name suggests, they are ready to use, and no pre-prep is needed. A mother can just readily feed it to the baby.  They are a convenient and most expensive type of formula

A guide for mother’s

Whatever a mother chooses out of all the types of formulas, she should make sure that it is safe for the baby and the baby accepts it.  Some babies suffer from specific conditions in early infancy or are just prone to certain conditions which might avert them to some specific formulas.  Some babies are lactose intolerant, and hence, they cannot digest lactose.  For such babies, lactose-free formulas are available in the market, one of which is goat milk of Holle.

Some babies cannot digest protein because their gut is still developing, and for such babies, hydrolyzed protein formulas are available that are gentle to a baby’s gut.  Many times a baby is also allergic to cow’s milk so, in that case, one might opt for Kabrita goat milk formula available exclusively on Their Kabrita formula is made up of goat’s milk, and it is perfect for the babies who are allergic to cow’s milk. There are lots of formulas available in the market but always choose what works best for you and your baby. Always consult a pediatrician before buying or feeding any formula to your baby.

Some useful tips for the better formula feeding

  • Use a bottle with a soft tip that allows the baby to eat properly out of it. If the bottle tips are hard and not comfortable, the baby won’t eat properly, which might affect his/her nourishment. Choosing the right bottle for feeding is the first step one must take. It is not necessary to splurge on an expensive and fancy bottle. A regular bottle with a soft tip works just fine.
  • Always start with a small pack of formula if you and your baby are trying something new. It is good to try out little batches and then buy a larger pack.
  • Always burp your baby within a few intervals of eating to avoid regurgitation of food. Spit ups can affect the appetite of the baby and discourage it from eating more.

These are some basic tips which might help all the mothers out there.

Being a mother is a tough job, but one cannot deny that it is the most beautiful thing on earth so, do not forget to cherish it.

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