Forget Flip-Flops – Wear Wedges on the Beach Instead!

When it comes to footwear, there is nothing more versatile than the wedge. Wedge sandals can be worn on the beach while wedge booties make for stylish winter footwear. Is there any wonder why every woman has a dozen wedge shoes kicking around?


But then why is it on sunny beach days we still slap on a pair of flip-flops?


First of all, the average flip-flop is neither built for style nor comfort, but it also takes away from that uber-cute swimsuit you just bought – and we don’t want that now, do we? Here are some compelling reasons why you should swap your flip-flop eyesores for the super chic beach wedge!


A brief history on wedges



These delightful shoes made their debut in the 1930’s as an orthopedic aid correcting instep issues or heel problems. Gaining popularity in Italy it was a skip hop, and a jump before wedges hit the pages of Vogue magazine in May of 1938 as a footwear requirement. They’ve since then, never fallen out of fashion.


Practically speaking wedge soles are made with wood, cork or perspex; putting emphasis on crafting a sandal that’s both lightweight and durable. And the triangular construction provides good foot support and better stability when compared to traditional heels or flip-flops.


Beach wedges for the win



True, when it comes to a day at the beach pretty much anything goes. But if you want to look like you’ve stepped out of swimsuit catalogue then what you need are wedges. Another win for the wedge is how supportive they are, offering comfort, stability and even orthopedic value. Besting the flimsy flip-flop that is just generally bad for your feet. So why is it again, that flip-flops are synonymous with the beach when all signs point to the wedge sandal as your better bet? Add wedges to your beach bag!


Shopping tips: Before you step foot in the sand, it’s time to hit the mall or an online retailer to find your best wedge sandals “sole mate.”

  • Coordinate your swimwear with your sandal by matching colour, pattern or style.

  • Buy water resistant or waterproof wedges if you’re going spend any time by the water’s edge.

  • Low wedges are preferable when trotting across uneven sand.

  • For boardwalks along the beach, espadrille wedges and a sweet summer dress couldn’t be cuter.

  • Work your wedge sandals in before they see some serious wear to prevent blisters.

  • Don’t forget to treat your new sandals, if necessary, with protective sprays so they last longer.


The right fit: Narrow or wide foot, there is a wedge to fit every foot shape and size!

  • For a narrow foot, peep toes and adjustable straps are key to keeping them on your feet and preventing blisters while providing maximum comfort.

  • If you’ve got a wide foot, look for wide fitting options and if those aren’t available then go for adjustable straps or wedges with minimal straps (nix the ankle strap).

  • For the heel novice, wedges were made for you! Start off with a small wedge and work your way up, soon enough you may even venture to a kitten heel!


Hit the beach in wedge sandals



When you think of beachside wear, we automatically assume flip-flops. It doesn’t have to be this way, why not start a fashionable trend of wearing wedge sandals instead? Wedges aren’t just stylish, they’re comfy and supportive too! Next time you hit the beach, ditch the flip-flops and turn heads in a gorgeous pair of wedge sandals!


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