Foolproof Guide to Selecting The Perfect Swimwear

Regardless of age or shape, there are a great many women who don’t relish the act of having to look for a new swimsuit. If you fall into this category of less than enthused swimwear shoppers, your attitude is about to change. Get ready to become the bathing beauty you’ve always dreamed of being, in a swimsuit that gives you killer confidence.

Here’s your definitive, fantastic and foolproof guide to finding your perfect swimwear.

First, remember this: there is no bathing suit body. Any body in a bathing suit is a bathing suit body. So, even if some of these recommendations push you out of your comfort zone, give them a chance.


1. Don’t Hide

We often try to hide what we perceive as flaws under excessive material. Don’t! This only makes the area appear more noticeable. For instance, trying to hide wider hips or thighs under a skirt will actually draw more attention to the area. Same with trying to hide a bit of a belly under flowing sheaths of fabric. All you’re doing is adding extra heft to the area.

Instead, draw the eye away from your hips or thighs with a higher cut swimsuit. And that tummy you’re trying to conceal under billowing folds? It looks more trim if you wear a sleek suit with a control lining and elegant side ruching.


2. Support the Girls!

While the bustier among us might like the idea of flaunting the goods in teeny tiny triangle bikini tops, this isn’t the most flattering or healthy way to give breasts support they need, and deserve. Not only will a triangle top not give adequate support to your chest, but it can actually make you look generally heavier up top.

We’re all for showing off your assets, but to show them in their most appealing light, you’re going to have to give them the TLC they require. Got a large chest? Then opt for a bra with underwire support or more ample cups. Got a smaller chest? A bandeau can look great, as can a halter. Bigger breasted women can also wear halters, granted they aren’t miniscule: you need cups and straps with a little more substance.


3. Two-Pieces for ALL

Anyone, of any size, can wear a two piece bathing suit. It’s just a matter of wearing a two-piece that suits your style, and body type. Yes, you can wear any type of two-piece you’d like, regardless of the shape of your body, but if you want the most flattering fit, you’re going to want to listen up.

If you have narrow hips and wider shoulders, opt for a two-piece that draws attention to your lower half, like a low-rise bottom or boy shorts. Halter tops will make your shoulders appear narrower.

If you have wider hips, aim for a higher cut bottom, which will draw the eye up, making your hips appear more narrow. Balance out the look on top with a bandeau or classic bra-like bikini.

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Have a belly? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t slip into a two-piece. Try out a high-rise bottom. This vintage-inspired style is super flattering and can keep your belly at bay, while still celebrating your curves.

That’s it, ladies! Three simple tips can help you feel more confident shopping for your swimwear, as well as wearing it.

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