Follow 6 Simple Steps While Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Do you need a maid for your home in Singapore? Have you already started searching or will begin the search in a short while? Just follow this ultimate guide to find and hire the ideal Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) for your household area in a simple 6 steps process.
The guide we present you here is according to the terms and conditions stated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore.

6 Steps to Hire the Best Domestic Help
#Step 1: Meet the Prerequisites Set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
• You have to be at least 21 years old as an employer.
• You should be undischarged from bankruptcy.
• Your mental condition should be stable enough to deal with maids on a daily basis.
• Your financial condition should be stable to get domestic help from any maid agency in Singapore.
• You must have attended an Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP)

#Step 2: Start your Search
Once you meet all the above preconditions as an employer, the next step is to start searching for an actual maid.
To do this, simply contact a reliable maid agency that is working for years in Singapore providing domestic help to a number of household areas.

#Step 3: Maid Should Also Meet MOM’s Requirements
There might be the thing that you will hire a maid that has worked in Singapore or a transfer one.
No matter what, make sure the fact that the maid herself has met the preconditions set by MOM that are as follows:
• 23 to 50 years of age.
• Should be from an approved source of the country with proper identification documents.
• Do not have any relation with the new employer.
• Should be employed at your address.
• Must be certified with at least 8 years of education.

#Step 4: Interview with the Maid
It is one of the crucial steps to filter out a few maid options, interview them one-by-one and relevant questions.
You need to ask the maid the below questions:
• What is your work history?
• Tell me something about your personal background?
• What is your religion?
• What are your future plans?
• Do you have any children?
• Do you have any experience of giving a first aid treatment?
• What is your daily routine?
• Do you know how to cook?
• Are you comfortable with pets at home?
• What kind of food do you like?
And, many more.

#Step 5: The Documentation Process
Once you have selected the maid you had the interview with, the next step is the documentation process.
• Work permit
• Validity of In-Principal Approval
• The time period in Singapore
• Attendance at Settling-in Programme (SIP)
• Pre-employment medical examination
• Fingerprinting and photo-taking at the MOM service centre

#Step 6: Insurance and Security Bond
The employer needs to deposit a fund of $5000 as a security bond with MOM. It is to secure that your maid can return back home, cancel the work permit, or breach the term of the bond. Also, the bond can be forfeited at any point of time, in case you did not pay to your maid, fail to send back her home, maid goes missing from your home, etc.

Finding a maid and hiring the service is not a hassle-anymore. Just follow the simple 6 step process and you are done with no complex formalities and days of the searching process. So, get your domestic help now.

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