Flea-Market Discoveries: Celebrities Who Thrift


When talking about Flea-Market Discoveries, the first question would be if you think that second hand stores are a good place to buy clothes. The second question would be whether you think Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani have style. The thing is – you should not have different answers to these questions. Both of these celebrities love shopping in second hand and thrift stores.

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Finding good pieces at these shops is a form of art and you need to master it ASAP. Here are some of the celebrities that already gladly visit second hand shops:

Julia Roberts

At some point, the magazines started questioning why the Pretty Woman, who is certainly well-off,  takes her kids into the thrift store. Julia, as many other mothers, believes that the best thing a mother can do is teach her kids how to find good things without spending a fortune. Also, it shows them that the price tag does not imply style. Julia wore a second hand Valentino dress on the Academy Award show in 2001, and no one made a fuss out of it.
Julia CollageDrew Barrymore

Julia Roberts is not the only one who does not mind wearing second hand wardrobe on the red carpet. Drew Barrymore showed up in a dress that cost no more than $25 on the celebration of her cover of the Nylon magazine, the August edition. She, naturally, looked stunning and chic in her gorgeous dress.

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Zooey Deschanel

The recognizable style of this superstar really allows her to combine all sorts of different types of accessories and pieces of clothing. Therefore, it is no wonder that she loves thrift shopping and does it all the time. Her vintage look allows her to incorporate inexpensive, but still attractive pieces into her wardrobe.

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Kendal Jenner

In many magazines around the world, photo series were run when Kendal Jenner and Hailey Baldwin visited a second hand shop and found some cool and cheap shirts for themselves. You can never have enough shirts and tops, but that does not mean that you should spend a lot money every time you get bored of your old wardrobe.
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The same goes with kids’ clothes. They grow out of them so quickly, so if you bought new stuff every time, you would spend a fortune clothing your young ones. Pieces in thrift shops are mostly in excellent shape. So, if you want to take Jenner or Julia’s advice, just click here and find something fashionable and affordable for your kids.

There is nothing tacky or cheap about thrift store shopping. Moreover, if the celebrities do it, you should do it, too. This is a great way to save money, be environmentally friendly and even put your style to test. Second hand shopping can give everyday shopping a whole new dimension, and it is also lots of fun!

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