Five Types of Food to Serve at Children’s Birthday Parties

Planning for a children’s birthday party menu can be quite a challenge.

On the surface, it might seem like a walk in the park. Unfortunately, kids can be pretty picky eaters and can be particular in what they would like to eat. Furthermore, as you would most likely play host and cater to a horde of children, taking into account every allergy there is can be quite the nightmare. In this regard, many parents would rely on a caterer with affordable catering services to do take care of the cooking logistics for them. However, if you are attempting this endeavor yourself, you might want to play it a little safe to ensure each and every one of your little tot’s guests would have something to eat and enjoy it as well.

Before creating a party menu, consider in making one that is as healthy as possible, would factor dietary restrictions and common food allergies. Furthermore, try to prepare food that does not stain clothing. Be sure to plan ahead and have a detailed schedule so that you would have an idea of how long everything would take to prepare and how much time you would need to dedicate. If the task is too overwhelming for a single pair of hands alone, ask your spouse or nanny to lend you a hand.

In any case, here are some good children’s party food items that are sure to wow your rug rat’s guests:

Veggie Dips

Although they can be a hit or miss with your little guests, veggie dips are rather easy to prepare. If you want kids to consume it, you have to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. Try to use vegetables that they are already familiar with such as celery, tomatoes, broccoli and tomatoes—a good set that are known to be a hit at birthday parties. To ensure that kids reach for these, pair it with dips such as cheese or peanut butter –both of which are both flavorful and would offer healthy protein. Add a healthier alternative to your dips by including a cucumber yogurt dip as well.

Food on sticks

Kebabs are great as they can be consumed on the go, are sure winners when it comes to food presentation and they are often an avenue for food variety. In this regard, assemble little kabobs for your guests. Make these ahead of time and choose the sticks based on your guests’ ages. You can choose to skewer food on anything from coffee stirrers, barbecue sticks (with the edges cut off) or popsicle sticks. Food options can range from a combination of ham and cheese to shrimp and tomato or mini fruit kabobs.

Mac and Cheese cups

Mac and cheese is a fairly straightforward recipe that is easy to make. Moreover, it is a tried and tested crowd pleaser—especially if your guest demographic solely consists of kids. For a healthier alternative, use a whole wheat elbow macaroni with freshly grated cheddar cheese. Mix these in low calorie and low sodium butter and skim milk for a flavorful dish sans the calories.

Pizza Puffs

You can never go wrong with pizza as most kids are great fans of them. If your little tot is a fan of pizzas then go ahead and put a spin on a traditional favorite by turning them into pizza puffs. Not only are these more fun to make, but it is incredibly tasty as well.

Corn Dog Muffins

Corn Dogs are popular at festivals and fairs for a reason: this greasy fried food is so delectable it is almost sinful. Unfortunately, it is not the best thing for your little ones’ bodies. Not to worry, a healthier and inventive spin on this classic favorite is to turn them into muffins and using turkey sausages instead of regular meat ones. It would taste just as great as the regular ones. The only difference is that you can finish two to three without any feelings of guilt at all.

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