Five Tips for an Affordable but Elegantly Luxurious Wedding

“I can see why people love the idea of a big white wedding—it is a day when they are the center of attention and get to wear a beautiful dress. But that sounds awful to me because that is like getting ready to walk down the red carpet” –Lucy Punch

If budget were not an issue, most weddings would have been lavish, sophisticated and elegant. Unfortunately, with the popularity of elaborate weddings dominating social media feeds and Pinterest almost every single day, most wedding vendors have taken a keen interest into jacking up their asking prices. Today, an ornate wedding affair will set you back by a lot and it is rather hard to come by a wedding vendor that would reasonably fit your budget and accommodate all the other essentials for your wedding day. And if you can, consider yourself incredibly fortunate. An aesthetic milieu such as a wedding garden venue would come rather exorbitant these days that couples would need to compromise on a lot of other aspects.

However, do know that even while you are being constrained to a wedding budget, it is still very much possible to have an elegant and beautiful wedding. It is finally time to quash the idea that just because something was gotten for cheap, it is immediately dismissed as tacky. In the wedding industry affordable does not always equate cheap and in the same way, it should not be taken to mean as something garish. You do need to make several concessions however if you wish to pull it off. In any case, here are some of the tips to pull off a luxurious wedding—and stay within budget:

Avoid guest list bloat

Brides repeat after me: You are under no obligation to invite every single relative you have. Did you get that? Repeat it several more times until it sinks in. Sure, it sounds tempting to invite every single person you know but that is not always a great idea. Every additional invite you made is equated to additional costs. Moreover, your wedding will be less intimate. Trim down your guest list and invite only the important people to you.

Ask for wedding help instead of gifts

If you have talented friends and skilled relatives, ask for their help instead of asking for a wedding gift. Alternatively, you can ask for their assistance in lieu of a gift. Apart from giving your guests a sense of satisfaction for having a hand in turning your wedding into a success, it helps members from both families bond together as well.

Go minimal with flowers

Décor is an integral aspect in weddings. Unfortunately, it can also cost you a lot. Furthermore, these are things you can no longer use after the reception so it is not exactly worth the investment. Keep it simple but elegant. Instead of option for floral bouquets for your bridesmaids, they can carry a single rose instead while the bride brings a small bouquet. Moreover, if you know someone with a garden of blooming flowers, you can actually make your flowers the day before the ceremony.

Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts

Over the years, it has been considered customary to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. However, what is customary is not always necessary. In lieu of buying them gifts they may not even enjoy, write them a special note thanking them for their participation on that day. Of course, none of your wedding entourage members would really expect a gift and if they are aware that you are on a budget, they would likely understand.

Make your own invitations

Wedding invitations are another thing that would set you back by a lot when it comes to wedding essentials. In these days wherein advances in technology have been made, there is absolutely no need to needlessly spend on wedding invitations which your guests would soon discard after. Instead of a typical wedding invitation, you can make a video invite, send it electronically or even make a social media page solely dedicated to your big day. However, if you insist on taking the traditional route of handing out wedding invitations, you can always opt to make it yourself. In this way, not only will you be cutting costs, but you will effectively give your invitations a more personalized feel.

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