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Five Health Benefits of Onions - Likeitgirl

Five Health Benefits of Onions

Onions are widely used in various types of dishes and consumed across the world. They are usually served after being cooked and can also be eaten raw. They are mostly used in pickles, chutneys, vegetables and pulao etc. The onion has a sharp, strong taste and, spicy flavour. You can eat them whenever you want whether day or night. The vegetables are a significant source of vitamins like C and B6, folate, iron, and potassium. If you are looking to buy healthy fried onions online, consider all these benefits.

Onions are rich in manganese that offers protection against cold and flu. It also contains quercetin as well as another antioxidant that fights inflammation. More interestingly, fried onion in soup doesn’t diminish their quercetin value but transfers the antioxidant from the vegetable to the soup broth. Onions, when combined with garlic, could have more benefits. Both are known to be effective antidepressants, painkillers, anticoagulants, and anti-inflammatory. Whether you eat raw or fried onions, both are super healthy. But fried onion can be easily used at home in different types of dishes from medium unpeeled onions. They add a distinct rich flavour and taste to leek soups, onion-garlic soups, etc. Let’s look at the various health benefits of onions:

Reduce the Risk of Cancer:

If you want to buy healthy fried onions online, you should know that there are some different types of onion, but red onions are the most effective in preventing breast and colon cancer. Red onions have high levels of quercetin and anthocyanin that contribute to this characteristic. Onions activate the pathways that provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves. They make the environment unfavourable for cancer cells to communicate, and this inhibits their growth. It was also found that people with the highest consumption of onions had the lowest cancer rates. Onions are a nutrient-dense food, meaning that they are high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants while being low in calories.

Maintain Healthy Digestion:

It is one of the major benefits of onions that can be attributed to inulin, a fibre present in the vegetable. It acts as a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. This fibre helps your body maintain good levels of healthy bacteria. However, the thiosulfinates in onions can cause harm to these beneficial bacteria as they have antibacterial properties.

Another soluble fibre in onions is oligofructose which can prevent and treat different types of diarrhoea. And the phytochemicals present in onions can reduce the risk of gastric ulcers. The prebiotics in onions can also help ease constipation and also believed to help treat stomach ache and stomach worms.

Improves Immune System:

Onions contain selenium that stimulates immune function. Immune cells deficient in selenium reproduce inefficiently, and here’s where onions come into the picture. These cells also have difficulty in producing the essential proteins and transporting calcium. Specific sources say that onion eliminates infection and hydrates the body. This can strengthen your immune system. The reason behind this is that the feet contain the nerve endings of all the organs of the body. Placing onions beneath the feet transfers their beneficial properties to your interiors. Onion combined with honey syrup works wonders for common cold symptoms. You can make onion tea for treating colds as this will give you an immunity boost and helps prevent ailments.

Boost Brain Health:

The study suggests that the antioxidants in onions combine with the harmful toxins in the brain and discharge them out of the body. Also, the sulphur-containing compounds in onions can slow down age-related memory loss. The extracts of onions can help to maintain the hippocampus. And, a part of these memory fighting properties might be lost upon cooking. Onions can also treat dizziness, epilepsy, and vertigo.

Keep Skin Healthy:

Onions contain vitamins A, C, and E; all of them contribute to skin health. They preserve the skin from premature ageing that is caused by harmful UV rays and free radicals. We know that the vegetable is a powerful antiseptic, so it can also protect the skin from bacteria that cause issues—vitamin C is an essential component for imparting a glow to the skin. People who consume plenty of onions and garlic have a low risk of skin cancer melanoma. People who consume lots of onions and other alliums also have a low risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Onions possess enormous anti-ageing benefits and are one of the richest sources of quercetin and a powerful antioxidant that can keep your skin wrinkle-free. On the other hand, vitamins and sulphur protect your skin and keep it soft and supple. The anti-ageing qualities of onion can also be attributed to the presence of sulphuric phytochemicals. Moreover, applying and massaging your skin with fresh onion juice can improve blood circulation and enhance the overall appearance of your skin.

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