First Pole Dance Class | A beginners Guide

If you’re tired of the same old, same old fitness classes and programs, it’s time to give something else a twirl. We’re talking about pole dancing: one of the most fun, fierce and intense workouts you can get for your whole body. Don’t get caught up in the exotic pole dancer stereotype: that’s not what pole fitness is about. It’s about creating stronger bodies and more confident skill-sets. It’s easy to see why pole dancing is so popular. Not only does it help you achieve your weight loss goals, but it can help you crush your life goals, too.


Interest piqued? Great! The first thing you want to do is sign up for a class at a reputable with excellent instructors, like a Pole Dance Academy pole dancing class. Next, follow these easy instructions.


Prepping for Your First Class




  • What to Wear: There’s no need to rush out and purchase stiletto heels or anything too fancy for your first day. Slip on a form-fitting pair of shorts, like spandex, and a sleeveless shirt of some kind. As for footwear, you’ll need gym shoes for floor work, outside of that you’ll likely be barefoot.




  • What to Pack: Standard gym bag flotsam: microfiber towel, spare clothing, deodorant, showering toiletries, small first aid kit (just in case), hair ties, hairbrush and snacks. The most important thing is a full water bottle – you’ll need it.
  • *Don’t use moisturizer the day of your class, it’ll reduce friction*




  • What to Eat: This is a high-intensity sport, so it’s important you fuel your body properly with a hearty meal (complex carbs are a good call) and plenty of water, an hour before your first class.  



Your First Class




  • Mental Check: Because of the stigma attached to pole dancing and if you’re self-conscious or even a perfectionist you need to check your negative nellie traits at the door. The more mental baggage you bring into the room with you, the more you rob yourself of the experience! Walk in clear-headed, and with your best game face on! Pole dancing is a sisterhood, not a henhouse ready to pass judgement on you – so breathe, relax and get ready for the time of your life!




  • Learning Curve: Don’t expect immediate results, it’s not an easy sport to pick up and everybody picks it up at their own pace. Try your best not to compare yourself to others. You’re going to fall, the important thing is you pick yourself back up and twirl on!




  • Instruction: There’s a paid instructor there guiding you for a reason. Respect their authority because they are there not only to teach you, but to keep you safe. They will only have you performing moves they feel you are physically able and technically ready to do. And if you’ve got questions, don’t be shy and don’t hesitate, ask away!




  • Get Your Money’s Worth and Enjoy Yourself: Laugh, smile and try your best, in time you’ll pick up the moves, so enjoy the process.



After Your First Class




  • Eat Up: You’ve just expended a lot of calories, see to it that you have a hearty meal afterwards. Protein, carbs and good fats are essential for your body’s recovery.




  • Rest Up: Your poor body, it’s just been through the ringer so remember your stretches and take it easy.




  • Pole Kisses: Bruises are a part of the pole dancing, wear them like the badge of honour that they are! Try Arnica gel if your bruises are achy.  



Beginners Guide to Pole Dancing



Spice up your fitness routine by taking a pole dancing class. It’s an insanely great workout and amazing fun so shake up your routine and try something new today!


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