Finger Licking Food Options To Include In Indian Wedding Menu

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without some lip-smacking food options that’ll be a treat to the tastebuds of your guests. For many years in the past, a Halwai used to prepare all the food for the wedding. But now, the wedding kitchen has been replaced by professional wedding caterers, expanding the list of menu items that can be included in the wedding buffet.

There are many options to choose from around the world, that’ll make the wedding exotic and unique, giving it an international dimension. Including the international cuisines is indeed a great option, but what’s more important is to keep those desi Indian palates satisfied by including the tasty options from the very own Indian menu.

Classic Pasta Primavera

This one is absolutely perfect to calm down the cravings of all the kids at the wedding. This dish will surely be equally liked by your guests, irrespective of their age. The soft boiled pasta topped with some freshly chopped veggies and shredded cheese makes this dish iconic and really good when served in the platter.

Recipe: Garlic Butter Pasta

Blackened Sheepshead Fish

This one is an absolute favorite of all the Bengali people. A barbequed flaky texture with the smoky aroma will surely fill the whole venue with a pleasant smell. This counter will be the one which is sure to be visited multiple times by every guest.

Smoked Dal Makhni

Among the various extravagant food options served in the wedding, this simple addition to the menu will be quite classic. There are many guests who like to have something simpler, and this will provide just that option. The buttery dal makhni is a real gem that has its roots deep in the Indian culture.

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Sweet Gulab Jamun

You won’t be able to find a person who doesn’t like this sweet dessert. This one is an absolutely essential option to include in the final wedding menu. A gulab jamun after the dinner will surely make your guests crave for more.

Spicy Butter Chicken

With some of the most amazing flavor, butter chicken is the most popular curry in all the restaurants serving Indian food around the globe. Those aromatic golden pieces of chicken in the buttery gravy will surely make the guests’ mouth water.

Appetizing Paneer Corn Pasanda

This one is for all those vegetarian guests who’ll miss out on the butter chicken. Paneer-Corn Pasanda is a great addition and includes paneer and corn pieces in the onion-tomato gravy. It’ll be the one lavish dish that no one will be able to refuse.

Amazing Dahi Bengan

A relatively lesser known option but will be appealing to the guests all the same. This is an eggplant recipe. The brinjal is fried and dipped in curd along with some tossed onions and garlic that adds extra spice. This dish is famous in Orissa and has its roots deep in their culture.

This last addition will be a great option. You can go ahead and ask the top wedding caterers in Ahmedabad to set up a counter with the various items for the guests to make their very own fondue. You can include brown and white chocolate options along with caramels and the different toppings.

These were some of the options, that we believe, you must add to your wedding menu. These menu options are sure to showcase the Indian tradition in a perfect mix of extravagance and simplicity. As a host, your only concern when deciding on the menu would be to serve the best to the guests and that they return satisfied and with a full tummy, and including these dishes will surely do just that.

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