Finding The Best High Friction Surface Treatment Contractors

High friction surfacing (HFS) or high friction surface treatment is the practice where roads and other similar surfaces are made skid-resistant for enhanced safety. HFS treatment is an old-age technique often used to improve road safety and save many people’s lives. This road safety treatment option is beneficial for both drivers and pedestrians, especially in dark weather conditions.

If you’re working in the municipality or constructed many roads, you probably know the importance of high friction surfacing treatment. HFS is something that shouldn’t be overlooked because it can reduce the accident rate significantly.

Thus, today we’ll discuss the key features and advantages of high friction surface treatment, and the role of the high surface contractor:

high friction surface contractor

About High Friction Surfacing Treatment

High friction surfacing is related to certain materials, and it is the practice of eliminating the skids from the roads and similar surfaces. Here, this treatment option doesn’t make the surface smooth and slippery.

This primary objective of this treatment is creating numerous contact points on the surface. These contact points are also known as micro-texture, which are not visible with your naked eyes. The vehicles’ tires touch the surface, and micro-textures offer maximum grip for lowering down the speed.

Are you wondering how micro-texture can offer grip to the vehicles’ tires? There is a common associating binder also known as calcined bauxite which is used for creating these micro-textures. This bauxite type can be applied hot and cold on the roads.

There are two subcategories in this treatment- Hot HFS and Cold HFS. In the Cold High Friction Surface (HFS), the calcined bauxite is applied later after the mixture. On the other hand, in the Hot HFS, additional pre-mixed material is used.

Working Of High Friction Surfacing?

Regardless of Hot HFS and Cold HFS, materials used in the entire process are blessed with anti-abrasive properties. These properties are known for offering a next-level anti-skid resistance for decades. The best part is all the materials used in the entire process are quite valuable yet cost-effective.

The materials’ anti-abrasion and polishing properties ensure that surfaces should hold the anti-skid resistance feature for more than a decade and withstand harsh climatic conditions. However, this treatment option’s effects will depend on how high friction surface contractors use this practice.

Choosing The Right High Friction Surface Contractor:

As we have mentioned in the paragraph, the high surface contractor should follow the right treatment to ensure that you get the best end result.

While choosing a high friction surface contractor, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Check their experience: You must rely only on an experienced contractor who can work efficiently and will give you flawless results.
  2. Check their reviews and ratings- Another important factor that you must not miss is to check the reviews and ratings of the contractor. It will give you a glimpse of their credibility and skill.
  3. Are they authorized to work? You cannot handover the task of making such surfaces to a new contractor who doesn’t have the necessary experience and qualification. One of the ways to check the qualification is to see if the high friction surface contractor is authorized to work, and they must also have the license to operate.

Once you find a contractor, discuss with them the quotations for work, and finalize the contract.

Final Thoughts

As per the reports, the high friction surfacing (HFS) is cost-effective for homeowners and municipalities. The homeowners can also use HFS for making their driveways and parking areas anti-skid resistant. In our opinion, if you’re interested in practising high friction surfacing, find the best high friction surface contractor in your vicinity.

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