Finding Free Moving Boxes for Your Move

You sit down one evening to check your budget for a move. It can be a move to the city or a move across the country. No matter what type of move you are planning, one thing is certain.

You can expect to dig deep into your wallet.

There are several costs associated with moving, such as paying for the total weight of the load and assuming the accommodation costs incurred during a long-distance move and of course hiring the Villas movers in Dubai.

Let’s look at a few ways you can save money on a move, with an emphasis on learning how to find free moving boxes:

Save money on the go

Saving money on a move is possible if you follow some of the following proven tips:

  • Consider making a do-it-yourself move
  • Seek help from friends and family
  • Rent a truck that is the right size to move your belongings
  • Run a flea market to help cover moving expenses
  • Disable utilities when you are finished using them
  • Pack your things
  • Monitor moving costs
  • Learn how to find free moving boxes

Renting a truck of the right size is an important strategy for saving money. Far too many people overestimate the space they need to move their things from A to B. Renowned moving companies offer a free tool that calculates how much truck space you will need for a move. You can also find similar tools online to help reserve the right size for the truck to transport.

Holding a yard or flea market is an effective way to save money along the way. However, you are not reducing costs, but increasing the amount you have available to cover the costs of moving. Most importantly, keep an eye on your moving budget to see if you can move money to cover each element of the move.

Ideas for finding free moving boxes

Can Finding Free Moving Boxes Help You Manage Your Moving Budget? When you factor in the transportation costs and the additional costs of packing and storing your belongings, free moving boxes seem like a proverbial drop in the ocean. However, when you factor in all of the moving costs that scare you, paying for cardboard boxes has to be the scariest expense.

There are many ways to find free moving boxes that don’t mean you have to scour the countryside in search of cardboard heaven. Many of the ways you can find vacant moving boxes just require the click of a computer mouse or the press of a smart phone button.

Starting with Craigslist

As the ultimate online marketplace, Craigslist does an excellent job of connecting buyers and buyers. Of course, finding free boxes means you don’t want to get in touch with someone who sells boxes. Craigslist has a section devoted to “free” things like the cardboard boxes used to pack and carry personal items. You can also create a post letting everyone know that you are looking for free cardboard boxes.

Happy hours

Where are the most convenient stores that throw away cardboard boxes? You guessed it: bars and liquor stores. Most pubs and the companies that supply them follow a regular schedule for ordering and receiving products. Once you’ve figured out when some local bars and liquor stores are getting their products, you’ll know when to go to the stores to collect discarded cardboard boxes.

Use your big personal network

Another convenient way to collect boxes is to send an email to everyone on your list asking about box availability. This strategy is especially effective during the winter holidays when people leave discarded cardboard boxes on the curb for garbage disposal. You can also make a boxing request on Twitter and Face book to reach out to friends and family.

Community people

The rapid growth of online neighborhood groups like those on has made it easy for people on the go to find cardboard boxes. has a section called “Classifieds,” a section that is often used by people to offer free items like discarded cardboard boxes. Chances are, a couple of neighbors have cardboard boxes that they no longer want on the garage walls.

To go shopping

Every time you shop for groceries, collect cardboard boxes should be the first item on your shopping list. You may be thinking, “I don’t plan to move.” Well, you may not plan to move, but what about your employer or adding another family member? You never know when it’s time to move, so use the Boy Scout motto “be prepared” to your advantage by stocking up on discarded boxes from grocery stores.

Recycling centers

If you’ve ever visited a recycling center, you’ll quickly find that the center is the recycling version of winning the lottery jackpot. Apart from natural things such as trees and bushes, no other object appears at recycling centers than discarded cardboard boxes. Recycling centers tend to be busiest on weekends, when most people are off work. The best part about visiting a cardboard recycling center is that you never have to make an appointment to visit.

Check out the free cycle network

Another online marketplace similar to the Craigslist marketplace model, Free cycle is a rich resource for finding free moving boxes. The boxes are not only free, but also the cost of registering for the online marketplace.

Now you have collected all the boxes, arrange Movers and Packers in Dubai and take the next step of moving with confidence.

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