Finding a Meaningful Purpose for Used up Funeral Flowers

Bringing someone a bouquet of flowers is a very thoughtful gesture. In today’s society, it has many purposes. One of them being a romantic one where lovers who share affection toward each other exchange flowers. But the other one is a bit grimmer than that.

Most countries follow the tradition of bringing flowers or funeral wreaths to a burial. Not a lot of people know that this is a tradition that dates back all the way to some 14,000 years ago when this was discovered. We do not know its original purpose today, but we do know that people do it as a sign of respect and as a way of giving the last farewell to a person they loved.

Unfortunately, after the actual funeral is over there are many leftover flowers which have served their purpose. Not a lot of those wreaths and flowers stick around too much and people end up having a lot of problems in order to clean everything way. Fortunately, we have some solutions for you and ideas on how to repurpose all those flowers and not let them go to waste.

Pressed Flower Cards

We think that the best way to repurpose old funeral flowers is to use them for something positive. The original purpose was a good one so why not use it for something better and make people happy. A lot of people enjoy receiving cards. So you can make cards with pressed flowers and put smiles on a lot of people’s faces.

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It is fairly easy to make and if you are creative it will give you something interesting to do. It might also help you get over the sadness of losing a loved one as you can immerse yourself in some creative work. Try it and you’ll see you much fun it can actually be.

Create a Shadow Box

Making a shadow box in honor of the loved one that you lost has two purposes. One of them is being able to reuse all the leftover flowers from the funeral. But the second one is that you will be able to make something to honor that person’s life.

Actually, this can be done in several ways, but the easiest one is to make a collage using old photos and leftover flowers. You can make the life journey through pictures of that person and that way celebrate their life. You can put it all in a shadow box and preserve the flowers and the memory of the person you have lost.

Make DIY Floral Candles

Probably one of the most innovative ways of preserving those flowers is making a DIY flower candle. Sienna Hodgson from said that it is a great way to “keep the candle burning” so the life of that person is still burning strong. People often ask her for ideas about reusing old funeral flowers and this is probably the best one yet.

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Take the old flower leaves and dry them out and put them into melted wax. Decide on the shape and wait for it to harden. And voiles, you have a very beautiful centipede that looks both beautiful and as a reminder of a loved one.

Hang Them Out to Dry

This is probably the easiest way of repurposing your flowers but one which comes with a lot of merits. The only thing that you need to do is gather all the leftover flowers, put them in bouquets or separate them individually, it is absolutely up to you, and hang them in various places to dry.

As the flowers dry they shrink and lose their original look. But they actually turn into very beautiful and vintage decorations. If you like that sort of stuff it is really easy to do and you can decorate almost anything with it.

Frame Your Flowers

Another great way to save your flowers and decorate your living area. You can be creative here and do it in many ways. Most people press the flowers and let them dry. Others will just mix different flowers together into a bouquet and let them dry then. However, you want to do it the last part is putting it in a nice frame.

Once you are all done, you can decorate any part of the house. It works pretty well and is very easy. You can express your creativity to the fullest and make different flower arrangements and different sizes and shapes of frames. Overall, the flowers do not go to waste and you keep the memory of the person you lost.


You can make your own potpourri. Decorate your home with a nice potpourri and reuse the old flowers left from the funeral. It doesn’t require a lot to make one and the benefits are priceless.

Save some flower petals and let them dry. Put a few drops of essential oils and close everything in a sealed container. Wait for a couple of weeks and you will end up with some really beautiful and colorful decorations for your potpourri. Mix everything up with other ornaments that you have and put them in a bowl. And that’s it, you have a really nice looking decoration that you can put on your guest room table or anywhere you like.

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