Find Top Effective Approaches to Relief Lower Back Pain

Many people are experiencing lower back pain problems these days in their life. It has become very common nowadays that due to lack of knowledge about accurate and proper exercise, people are not able to follow the right exercise. Of course, the exercise that you do should be appropriate, so instead of lifting heavy weights, we will suggest some smart physical exercises which may help you to eliminate your lower back pain as soon as possible.

These below given exercises will restore new energy in your body by stretching out your muscles and reduce the stiffness of your body: these exercises are:


  • Deep Abdominal Strengthening

A very important muscle joint to strengthen is transverse abdominis. It is the great medium that provides the major support to your lower back pain. So the perfect and appropriate way to restore strength in this muscle is given in the image below:

Abdominis get all credit to protect your back muscles from any injury or pain. As it is the main foundation that keeps your lower back protected, so the Deep Abdominal Strengthening exercises are the best to make your weak muscles stronger and balanced that are linked to the lower back. These exercises control the probabilities of lumbar curve losses and problem of swayback posture. It reduces your back strain and spine pain to balance core strength of the muscle. 


  • Bridge


Bridge movement can be another great exercise to mobilize the muscles and reduce lower back pain. As shown in the image below, this physical therapy is helpful in improving your physical body posture and restoring strength. To continue this exercise, you need to lie down on your back and bend your knees. Your back and feet should be placed proper distance from the hip side apart from the floor. Take a deep breath in and out while lifting your hips off the floor and try to keep your knees in a straight line. You have to repeat this exercise 8-1o times.


  • Pelvic Tilts 

The Pelvic Tilt is another curvic exercise to mobilize your back muscles and reduce back strain. In this exercise, you need to place a small cushion under your head and try to bend your legs carefully. Then you should try to keep accurate distance between your feet and hip, width apart and place the legs on the floor. 

Always keep your chin tucked-in and the upper part of the body relaxed and calm. You have to flatten your lower back and try to contract your back muscles slowly in order to tilt your pelvis towards your feet. It will help you to feel a gentle arch in your lower back. Place one hand on your stomach and until the right muscle starts working. Repeat this exercise approx 8-10 times. 


  • Piriformis Stretch 

Piriformis muscle is another muscle which can be strained when you have a lower back pain. Piriformis Stretch as shown below can be done and really affect your body by reducing stiffness of back pain. This exercise is very easy to do. To carry out this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor and cross your right ankle over your left side knee and vice versa. 

Grip the thigh of your right leg and take a deep breath in, As you start breathing out pull your knee in towards you.  You have to hold the stretch for at least 20-30 seconds. You should repeat this exercise 3 times for each side. 

This stretching exercise may be better and appropriate for acute low back pain. This exercise enhances your body mobility and reduces low back pain. 

Professional PTs have advanced knowledge and experience to understand your conditions and give you the right advice. All physical therapists are specialized in providing the right suggestions and treatment plans according to your physical problems and issues/ if you are suffering from back pain, you are recommended to follow the above described exercises to treat your musculoskeletal problems. 

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