Anyone who knows a little about numerology knows that numbers can play a huge role in life. Numbers and numerology not only have an impact on determining your destiny and personality but can also impact your living space. Your living space, i.e., your house, is the place that offers you comfort and peace after a hectic day.

A lucky home can do wonders. It can bring positivity to your life. However, when people buy a house, they focus on the interiors and exteriors but tend to forget whether the house will be compatible with them or not. This is when the house number compatibility with the head of the family should be checked and looked at.

How to Calculate the House Number?

Numbers matter a lot in life. Each number has a specific vibration and energy that can influence your life. The purpose of numerology is to offer you the keys that can help you explore your strengths, potentials, and destiny. In numerology, your date of birth and name number represents the path that is best for you. When you are buying a house, your house number’s compatibility with your life path number or destiny number should be checked. The life path number is basically the total of all the numbers in your date of birth. Your life path number should be in harmony with the house number.

In numerology, there is a set process of calculating your house number. You must add all of the numerical figures in your house or apartment address. For example- If your house address is 15 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.  You must add 1 and 5, and the result is 6. The idea is to convert all the numbers to a single-digit number.  For house number calculation, only the house number is considered. The street number, pin code, and street name are not considered. This is why in this case, the house number is 6.

Suppose your house number also contains alphabets, then also the process of the calculation is still the same. However, you have to convert the alphabet into a number. For example- if your house or apartment number is B23, you will have to add the numbers first to reach a single digit and then add the numeric value of the alphabet. The value of 2 and 3 is 5. The numeric value of the alphabet B is 2 as mentioned below-

A, J, S – 1

B, K, T – 2

C, L, U – 3

D, M, V – 4

E, N, W – 5

F, O, X – 6

G, P, Y – 7

H, Q, Z  8

I, R – 9

The calculation will thus be 2 + 5= 7. The house numerology number, in this case, is 7. However, a thing to keep in mind is that if the numbers are 11, 22, and 33, you don’t need to reduce them as these are Master Numbers that are considered unique in numerology.

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House Number and Impact on You

1-   House number 1 will make you self-reliant, independent, and progressive. It opens you to new experiences, new projects, and new ideas.

2-   House number 2 means that your home will be your comfort place. It will be friendly and supportive. A lot of concern and support for relationships are given in this house. It is the perfect “family home”.

3- House number 3 is perfect for creative and productive people like artists, poets, actors, writers, etc. Positive energy and creativity are palpable in the house.

4- House number 4 brings order, routine, stability, and loyalty to your life.

5- House number 5 brings frequent travelling, lots of visitors, frequent activities, and sensual exploration.

6- This place will be a place of harmony and tranquillity. People will feel safe and warm in this house.

7- House number 7 has an air of mystery or spirituality about them.

8- House number 8 attracts opportunities, achievement, and purpose.

9- People in house number 9 tend to be night owls. They are quite frank, and they take the initiative. These individuals are pretty self-aware and idealistic.

Your house number can play a significant role in shaping your present and future. The vibrations of a certain number and the house can cultivate an atmosphere that ensures success and positivity for you and your family. Moreover, if you want to change the vibe of your place or if you don’t associate with your house’s energy, you can bring about a numerological change in your house number by inserting another number. To know about what changes you are required to make, get in touch with a professional numerologist.

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