Women feel differently about their postpartum bodies, and not only that but their mood and attitude have to do with it as well. Some feel like they need to go straight back to their old selves, some are proud and love their new bodies which enabled them to give life. Whatever group you belong to, here are some tips on how to look and feel attractive after becoming a mother.

A good mother is a happy mother 

The whole point is to create the right mindset, understand your emotions, and be a happy mom. It is quite normal to feel sad, discouraged and unattractive. However, you have to understand that your body has been through a great change during your pregnancy. Even after years go by, you may feel the consequences of it. But think of it as a process that needs time and effort. Enjoy this process, and all the benefits of motherhood while incorporating a few changes into your daily routine, and after a while, you will see changes for sure.

Choose comfortable fashion

Many fashion trends dictate skinny jeans, tight blouses and emphasizing your curves. After giving birth, you may not feel like following those trends blindly, and the main reason is that it is neither comfortable nor practical. That is why the fashion you choose should be one that makes you feel and look beautiful. One of the first items you should get are nursing bras, which are practical, comfortable, but they are not a constant reminder that you are just a mom. Rather, they make you feel confident and attractive, as every mom should feel like. If you like to be trendy, thankfully, there are other trends you can use, such as oversized sweaters, t-shirts, mom jeans and A-line dresses. However, bodycon dresses, high waisted pants and crop tops to go with them are also a great choice that will make you feel empowered.

Indulge from time to time

Every mom puts the needs of her family first, which makes sense. However, during this process, you shouldn’t forget about yourself. Small pleasures like getting a mani-pedi, going to the hairdresser or having a massage will go a long way. First of all, you will have some much-needed me-time, and you will feel more relaxed and ready to dedicate the rest of the day to your family. Plus, the fact that you have new nails, haircut or makeup will make you feel beautiful.

Sleep is crucial

Every new parent goes through a period of sleep deprivation and dark under-eye circles. Combine that with all the daily tasks and obligations you have to do, and you get one cranky, unhealthy parent. This is why sleep should be at the top of your list. Whenever your baby is sleeping, use that time to rest as well. Take turns with your partner and delegate all the chores so that you all get your sleep and feel rested, happy, and healthy.

Be feminine

Chances are you will spend some time covered in stains and baby barf, which we can all agree is not that attractive. However, investing in cute lingerie, silky nightgowns and details like jewelry can help significantly. It makes you look and feel feminine, which is very important when you want to feel like a woman aside from being a mother. Practicing yoga or meditating can help you get in touch with your body, as well as relax you, and help with your flexibility and posture. This all means that your body and mind will reach a balance, which is the perfect reason to try it.

It’s not always easy to feel attractive as a mama. However, these simple steps can help you create harmony and feel beautiful and attractive inside and out.

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