Feature Guide: What A Superb Smartphone Should Have

A newly launched smartphone always has something new. Whether it may be an eye tracker or a fingerprint scanner or let’s say it may be charged wirelessly, there is really something that would make you tell yourself “I can’t live without this.” But honestly speaking, there are features that you can really live without.

On the contrary, some of this state of the art features installed in next generation’s smartphones are certainly useful. But you need to learn to distinguish what are those that you surely need and which are just cherries on top.

Let’s say,  you recently bought a new smartphone and you’re kind of good with it because you like the quality of the camera. But what if we tell you that you have a lot to take a look at when it comes to phones? Looking at the tons of smartphones that the market is offering right now, how can you determine if what you have got is an awesome one?

Fascinated by the extraordinary features, state of the art designs, and mega specs, consumers have a lot of options to select from – loads of options to be exact. But as a downside, with all these choices available, they make it even harder for you to choose the right phone for you. But no worries, we’ve got you covered! Here are some features that your smartphone must have for it to be considered as an excellent phone.


A big screen

During those times that flip phones are in trend, having a smartphone is not essential. It is of course because of the fact that people only text and call with their phones, period. But as smartphones invaded are the world, things began to change.

Remember late 2009 and 2010 when the four and four point three inches smartphones came out? From that day on, it became a reality that 3-inch mobile phones are no longer cutting it.

On the other hand, here are some of the advantages of not so big screens. Advantages are: First, it is easy and comfortable to hold (of course because it’s smaller than the normal size of smartphones nowadays). Secondly, it easily fits in your pocket because it is handy. Next is it’s reasonably lightweight and lastly, it is not that big, and it is not that small neither.

But for those who have bad vision, who reads e-books frequently, who watch some TV series and movies on their phone, large screens (which we call phablets in general) are perfect for you.

As a matter of fact, after selling more than ten million units of different brands and models, it is as clear as ice that phablets fascinated many customers. If you are asking why those people are obsessed with large screen phones, let us answer that for you.

It is because of the main thing that we are looking for in every phone, convenience. Because of this huge screens, you no longer have to double-tap the screen of your phone to zoom out small letters especially those on the web page and when reading some e-books.


A battery that will last long

One thing that’s indisputable is we do a lot with our phone. We check messages in it, make some calls with our family and friends, surf the web through it, visit several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and much more. With that being said, we need a phone that would correspond to our busy day and hectic schedule which means that there is a compulsion to have a phone with a long battery life.


A processor as fast as lightning

Having a smartphone that will not let apps hang or let you swipe it without waiting until forever is beyond beautiful. For example, you are a gamer who installed the NBA 2k17 game in your phone. Who in the world wants to play a game that lags tremendously? For us, having a warp-speed processing phone is the ultimate champion in the smartphone features’ best the of the best.


A display as clear as crystal

Today’s smartphone is as versatile as we are. For sure, some of you also watch pictures, videos, tv shows and even movies on your phone. Therefore, you need a phone that displays all of them as clear crystal. You wouldn’t want to watch a blurred video clip on your phone, would you?


A camera with a good quality

You don’t have to study photography or even be a pro photographer to distinguish the difference between nowadays’ smartphone photos than the ones you had when you were still using your old flip phone. There’s so much more than great pictures when it comes to phone cameras. A great camera phone can also be a lot helpful when it comes to visual searches.


A phone that lets you open two windows at the same time

You can’t even accept watching one tab at a time on your computer, then why would you settle for less on your phone? LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy series are well-known brands and models that allow us to watch two windows all at once while other smartphones and iPhones remain in giving us one window screen at a time.

A big storage space

A big storage space is perfect to those who take a lot of pictures and videos and download numerous apps. Smartphones nowadays come in 16, 32, 64, 128 and even 254 gigabytes when it comes to memory capacity. But for us, though, this is not much necessary because most of the people today store their files, photos, and video clips on the cloud.


Can act as a remote control

Isn’t it awesome when you can use your mobile phone as a remote control for your home television? That means you’ll never have to search for your remote whenever you’re in the living room and watching something on the tv. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one are now built with an infrared tool that and some apps that would give you the benefit of letting your phone as an alternative for your remote.


The fingerprint sensor

Of course, who would forget iPhones most talked about launching of iPhone 5s because of its new feature called fingerprint sensor. It’s not that much safer than those common passcodes, but one good thing about it is that it saves time and effort. But as you can see right now, many phones already have that feature, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Can charge wirelessly

This feature is one of our most favorite. This feature would enable your cell phone to charge even without plugging it in (especially when you’re too lazy to get your charger). Just let it down, and it would automatically load. On top of that, wireless charging is no harm and is one hundred one percent safe.


An elegant and sleek design

Remember Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3? Can you remember its distinctive leather back? Basing on that, it’s crystal-clear that every phone manufacturer flaunts their elegant style and sleek design. On the other hand, if you’re obsessed with protecting or let’s say safeguarding your phone, you might be interested in using those large cases that would cover almost the overall phone itself.

Well, we think it would defeat the purpose of getting a phone with a fancy design. Yes, it may be a little blunt and harsh, but it’s true. However, if you’re some person who loves cherishing a phone design, a person who never drops your phone, or an individual who doesn’t want a bothersome case for your phone, then buying a phone with a superior style will always be the best choice.


Available to any carrier

Residents of America know that almost sixty percent of them buy a phone bounded by a two-year contract, and end up being disappointed because they cannot use it to any other carriers. Flashing and unlocking? Don’t even think about it because doing these are prohibited. Unluckily, there is still no solution for this kind of problem, but there are things that would ease this type of situations. Before that, let me share this with you first.

Mobile carriers rely on two technologies, first is CDMA and the second one is GSM. CDMA are phones that store information on the phone and these phones have no sim slots. On the other hand, GSM phones are exactly opposite. They have sim slots, and they store your information in the sim instead of storing it on the phone.

So as a hot tip, buy an unlocked phone for you to have the liberty of choosing your network provider and especially when you are traveling abroad frequently. If you purchased a CDMA phone, make sure it has support for GSM networks.


Useful accessories

It may not sound appealing to you as a smartphone’s best feature, but accessories also have a special place in some people’s heart. Predominantly in most cases, a new phone comes with an adapter, a USB cord, a headset and sometimes a screen protector. But let’s set a high standard when it comes to accessories. For example, the popular S Pen for Samsung which extends remarkable performance.

Typically, flagship mobile phones are where maximum support can be seen. In that event, this is where an array of different cases, screen protectors, and stylus pens are found (which we think is more beneficial if you really want to save time, money and effort). So, it may sound a like a little marketing to you, we suggest that if you have the money, go for some flagship mobiles.



Mobile phones are seen anywhere. Walmart, Skyphonez and any other wholesaler and retailers of gadgets are making it possible for us to see, check and compare the most recent models to find the best smartphone for us. But can you actually find a perfect or let’s say a smartphone that would go beyond your expectations? With all these features nowadays, everything would probably fall short in one of them the least. The most crucial part is to find a phone that would really suit your personality or somehow would catch your attention and interests.

One thing that we can advise you is to do some research first before going to the mall to buy your dream phone. Moreover, always put in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect smartphone because unfortunately, customized phones are still yet to be discovered.

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