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Fashion Trends that Teenage Girls Will Get Crazy about in 2020 - Likeitgirl

Fashion Trends that Teenage Girls Will Get Crazy about in 2020

The one thing we all know about teenagers is that they want to look astonishing and perfect at all times. Designers have prepared plenty of solutions for teenage girls fashion in 2020 which can help them find their perfect style and make bold fashion statements. With this in mind, we have chosen several trends that will be an absolute hit in female teen clothing next year.  

Denim, Always

Denim has always been trendy, and probably always will be, and all generations just love it. A denim look for teenagers can be astonishing with proper accessories and jewelry, and besides that, it’s easily combined with other styles and materials, it can be very practical and suitable for many occasions. There is no teenage girl that won’t have at least one piece of denim clothes in her closet in 2020.

Multi-Layered Clothing Fashion

Multi-layered clothing fashion keeps coming back, and this time is here to stay. Designers are making this trend desirable among teen girls, with a huge influence on junior apparel 2020. With some guidelines on how to wear multi-layered clothes, teenagers will go crazy about this trend, since it will help them look stunning and stylish.


Yes, they’ve been very popular among the women’s clothes lately, but in 2020 we will be seeing them on the teenage girls as well. They are comfortable to wear and girls will feel unconstrained wearing them, so culottes are perfect for parties where dancing is always an option. They are also easy to combine with any type of footwear.

Sneakers for Any Look

As this master’s degree program in fashion management teaches its students, a great designer needs to truly understand the target and to deliver products centered on a consumer. When it comes to teenage girls, designers have come up with a brilliant innovative idea – sneakers with a dress. There is no need for heels to look elegant and stunning, now that your teenage daughter can wear comfortable sneakers and still look amazing.

Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes is having a big impact on fashion generally, and it’s getting more and more popular among teenagers. Teenage girls can combine so many different items in this style – trousers, shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc… This style is also convenient for the girls who want to “hide” something they don’t like on their bodies, or simply like feeling comfortable at all times.

Head Accessories in Teen Fashion

Hats, headbands (which are getting more popular by day) and different kinds of caps are all accessorize that can help your teenage child to be unique, stylish and simply astonishing in any occasion. Just make sure to not let the head accessorize take over your entire look, but simply to be a small part of apparel that will improve the entire teenage fashion style next year.

Short Jackets

This fashionable item is a must-have in every teenage girl’s closet in 2020. We know girls are ready even to be chilly in order to look nice, but that doesn’t have to be the case with this spectacular piece – it goes very nice with almost any style and your child won’t be cold. They are easy to carry all the time, as opposed to heavy jackets and coats, and they are still warm enough to protect your teen from catching a cold.

Laces Integrated into Clothes

These trendy pieces can make every style and piece of clothes look girly and chick. It can be combined with all kinds of apparel, but when blended with regular blue jeans, teenage girls are ready for any celebration, going out with friends, or a family dinner.

Boyfriend Trousers

Jeans with a high waist, and slightly narrowing towards the end are an absolute hit of the teen fashion in 2020. Combined with a tight top or a baggy sweater, and this combination will make anyone look trendy and fashionable. Its universal design fits everyone, and if it’s styled with a proper piece of jewelry, it can make an amazing evening look that teenagers will go crazy about. 

Monochromatic Solutions and Dazzling Colors

Different bright colors and prints are always welcome in teen girl wardrobe, it’s only important to combine them well. Girls just need to make sure they have chosen the proper colors to put together, and there is no mistake with that look. And although colors are nice, sometimes monochrome clothing is also a nice solution for some occasions, for example, school meetings.

‘Dress to impress’ is certainly an phrase that can be applied to describe teenage girls, and the designers made it possible by coming up with all those amazing solutions that can make your child stand out among her peers. Listed above are just some of the many astonishing trends that are going to be popular in teenage girls fashion in 2020.

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