Fashion Trends And Latest Summer Styles For Women

Fashion trends arguably change with just like seasons change. However, dressing codes of various seasons are inspired by various factors. Among them being the prevailing weather conditions, common events in the season among others. To add on this, fashion designers task themselves every season to reinvent their designs for better looks. 2017, being such a much-hyped year, the fashion industry certainly expects a lot. Stylists, editors and fashion icons are pretty much excited. However, finding the best and suitable style can be such a daunting task. Especially for women, where the clothing industry revolves every dawn, there is need to undertake a serious and careful search to stand out.

Having said this, you can combine efforts with your designer for better spring 2017 fashion trends. Innovation is important as spring combines the summer and winter fashion trends. Besides, spring allows for a better upbringing of the 80’s trends. Without further ado, highlighted below are some of the fashion designs you might be looking for this particular season for a better wardrobe.

1. Super-Brights

Rocking bright outfits during such a calm season suits it all. To begin, many people and fashion editors will be on sunglasses both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, getting something that will easily catch the attention of the eye is vital. Pink, blue, red and yellow among other multicolor closets can work effectively for your spring 2017 fashion trends.

2. 80s Redux

As indicated before, the 80s fashion trends always make a perfect comeback during the springs. However, the essence of this redux lies mostly in the after-dark wares. This is because much of the mood filtering clothes won’t fit well into the daywear. With this said, you will find much to play around it when it comes to going out. From silhouette nipped waists fastened with gigantic belts, flirty hemlines balanced out in the shoulders, crystal earrings to sky-high stilettos, you won’t miss an outstanding idea.

3. Head To Toe Florals

Not every person will appreciate the essence of florals during the spring season. However, if worn correctly, this can be groundbreaking. Going floral head to toe, shoes included, may be the best idea your designer may come up with. Besides, there are a wide variety of floral types to choose from. The simple styles include double doses of Rococo jacquard florals with ruffles and untouched hems, blousy 70s bouquets among other subdued styles.

4. Mix And Match

Mix and match is a type of choosy season fashion idea. Numerous designers push forward the mix and match idea due to its Gucci inspiration. Though quite daunting, you should not hesitate to try this idea. An advantage of this type of wear is that you can put on the pieces individually on the regular. An example of a simple great going out outfit includes a Dolce setting jeans, matched against madcap and mixed with bejeweled accessories and a trophy jacket. To approach this idea better, find a perfect color match.

5. Playing Peekaboo

Ideally, the see-through dresses ruled the fashion industry in London. However, for a perfect spring outfit, consider a semi-opaque wear. Additionally, keep the outfit casual by flinging a gossamer sheer slip of a thing over the jeans and a tee. This will preserve the modesty and perverted minds out there. However, rocking this style depends on your bravery and how much you dare to bare.


This is probably the simplest idea to rock as part of spring 2017 fashion trends. The advantage of being ‘minimalistic’ is that it eliminates all the crazy madness outlined in the mix and match fashion wears. Post-Minimalism comes with a brand of purism from top to bottom. Flowing with the use of one simple color, your designer will certainly enjoy bringing up new ideas with this one. So to say, Post-Minimalism is a type of ‘less is more’ fashion.

7. Statement Stripes

The stripe kind of dressing has many people rocking this spring. This is due to the easy design tips to make a mind-boggling, blocky and graphic parade. The trick to this design’s success is the type, color, and intensity of the stripes. Getting them all right will earn you a better place in the fashion standout. This idea can also be made in different types of cloth length. The brands include seaside stripes, banker stripes among others.



Getting it cozy during the spring season may be quite a daunting task. With deficient knowledge on what exactly to go for, designers are putting their minds to test. Reinventing the old fashion ways in a better outstanding way is the order of the day. However, being simple is key to any successful fashion design. The dressing tips highlighted above can come in handy when designing your spring fashion trends.

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